Issue 181 - Published 17 April 2012

BAHRAIN: Launches Information Technology Initiative
CHINA: Invests in Indonesian Railways
MALI: Al-Qa’ida Member Named Regional Governor
PAKISTAN: TTP Frees Hundreds of Prisoners
SUDAN: Oil Field Dispute Intensifies
UAE: Condemns Iranian Visit to Disputed Island
CHINA: Makes Progress towards Free Trade Agreements
INDIA: Parliamentary Hearings Reveal Military Weaknesses
RUSSIA: Deploys Stealth Gunboat to Caspian Sea
RUSSIA: Rosneft and Exxon Mobil Sign Agreement
SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab Strengthens al-Qa’ida Ties


Issue 180 - Published 6 April 2012

INDIA: Rejects Qatari LNG Price
KENYA: Etihad Begins Service to Nairobi
MALI: Insecurity Forces Aid Groups’ Withdrawal
PANAMA: Recovers from Ports Strike
SAUDI ARABIA: Increases Power Generation to Meet Demand
THAILAND: Discusses Cambodian Border Dispute
CHINA: Uyghur Man to Die for Terror Attack
IRAN: Arrests Somali Pirates
ISRAEL: Reschedules Joint Defense Exercise
PAKISTAN: Massacre of Northern Shi’a Reported
RUSSIA: Plans Naval Exercise with China
SYRIA: Coalition Intends to Aid Free Syrian Army


Issue 179 - Published 30 March 2012

AUSTRALIA: Discusses US Drone Base
INDIA: Tibetan Protester Dies
JAPAN: Negotiates Canadian Free Trade Agreement
JORDAN: Announces Water Project
PAKISTAN: US Concessions on Drones Rejected
PHILIPPINES: Plans Mining Tax Increase
SOUTH KOREA: Highlights Philippines Investment
RWANDA: Signs World Bank Agreement
BURMA: Holding By-Election
INDIA: Commissions Nuclear Attack Submarine
ISRAEL: Braces for Activist March
RUSSIA: To Support UN Syrian Peace Plan
TAIWAN: Detains Suspected Spies
VENEZUELA: Chavez “Uncovers” Plot to Kill Opponent
MALI: Domestic and International Pressures Hit Coup Leaders


Issue 178 - Published 23 March 2012

COLOMBIA: EU Endorses Free Trade Agreement
ITALY: Private Railroad Investment
JAPAN: Calls for Nuclear Plant Shutdown
MALI: Mutinous Soldiers Take Presidential Palace
MOROCCO: Proposes Joint Committee
VIETNAM: Proposes Deeper Lao Relations
CHINA: Rising Leader Removed
COLOMBIA: Energy Development Threatens FARC
ISRAEL: Faces Multi-Front Attack
JAPAN: Exempt from Iran Oil Sanctions
MALAWI: Requests Presidential Resignation
SYRIA: Opposition Group Violates Human Rights
CYBERSECURITY: BBC Persian Experiences Cyber Attack


Issue 177 - Published 8 March 2012

CHINA: Rising Leader Absent from Key Meeting
ICELAND: Discusses Adoption of Canadian Dollar
JAPAN: Implements Peruvian Free Trade Agreement
PERU: Captures Shining Path Successor
SAUDI ARABIA: Increases Oil Refinement
CHINA: Intends to Increase Nuclear Power Capacity
INDIA: Opposition Questions Presence of US Special Forces
RUSSIA: Elects Vladimir Putin to Presidency
SOMALIA: Journalist Attack Highlights Instability
CYBERSECURITY: Vatican Websites Hacked


Issue 176 - Published 2 March 2012

AZERBAIJAN: Strengthens Jordan Ties
BAHRAIN: Minister Meets Chinese Businessmen
BURMA: United Nations Assistance Approved
INDIA: Unions Hold National Strike
PANAMA: Signs Security Agreements with US
QATAR: Holds Multiple Meetings
GERMANY: Military Closes Afghan Base Early
INDIA: Prevents Coordinated Terrorist Bombing
JAPAN: US Freezes Organized Crime Assets
UGANDA: Foreign Oil Investment Represents Regional Boom
VENEZUELA: Chavez Surgery May Bolster Opposition


Issue 175 - Published 24 February 2012

BELARUS: Strengthens China Relations
BURMA: Karen Leaders Call for Army Removal
HONDURAS: Joint Air Traffic Control Training
NEPAL: Maoist Party Struggles
OMAN: Meets German Delegation
PAPAU NEW GUINEA: Redistributes Forest Equity
SOUTH SUDAN: Total Begins Oil Exploitation
CHINA: Vice President Visits Turkey to Increase Cooperation
CHINA: Xi Jinping Emerges as Public Leader on Global Stage
INDIA: Discusses Release of Italian Naval Guards
INDIA: Nuclear Agreement Extended
RUSSIA: Continues Arctic Push
RUSSIA: Deploys New Air Defense Systems
RUSSIA: Prospects for the Future Presidency


Issue 174 - Published 16 February 2012

AUSTRALIA: Lifts Uranium Exploration Ban
COLOMBIA: Reforms Higher Education
PAKISTAN: Offers Sea Access to Tajikistan
SAUDI ARABIA: Strengthens India Ties
TAIWAN: Signs Innovation Agreement
THAILAND: Discovers Bomb Facility
COLOMBIA: Receives Extradited Drug Traffickers
IRAN: Strengthens Ties with Pakistan
ISRAEL: Possibility of War with Iran Increases
KAZAKHSTAN: President Suspected of Money Laundering
MEXICO: Growing Economy Impacts Multiple Sectors
NIGER: Neighboring Conflicts Intensify Food Crisis


Issue 173 - Published 10 February 2012

NEPAL: Hydropower Investment Problems
NIGERIA: Increases Women’s Access to Loans
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Considers Oil Exploitation Lease
THAILAND: Increases River Patrols
VENEZUELA: Convenes Regional Summit
CHINA: Sudanese Rebels Release Chinese Construction Workers
CHINA: Vice Premier to Meet Brazilian Officials
COLOMBIA: Criminals and FARC Join Forces
PALESTINE: Fatah and Hamas Sign Deal
PERU: Shining Path Attacks Police Station
RUSSIA: Threatens to Build Missile Defense Shield
SOMALIA: Somalis Fight al-Shabaab
TERROISM FINANCE: US Finds Links between al-Qaeda and Iran
PAKISTAN: Intelligence Agency Faces Judicial Accountability


Issue 172 - Published 3 February 2012 

INDIA: Decreases Coal Prices
INDIA: Increases Grain Exports
INDONESIA: Revokes Mining Permits
IRAN: Joint Shipping Company with Iraq
KUWAIT: Examines Election Spending
OMAN: Sultan Hosts Iranian Vice President
UNITED KINGDOM: Sells Fighter Jets
CHINA: New Safety Standards for Nuclear Projects
CUBA: Communist Convention Signals Improved Relations
FRANCE: Reviews Armenian Genocide Bill
IRAN: Expands Sphere of Influence
ISRAEL: Tal Law Revision Proposed
SYRIA: Withdrawal of Arab Monitors Causes Violence


Issue 171 - Published 26 January 2012

AUSTRALIA: Considers Reopening Detention Center
BAHRAIN: Encourages German Investment
CHILE: Signs Voting Law
LAOS: Trains for Food Security
PHILIPPINES: Opens Aeronautical Training School
VENEZUELA: Chavez’s Prognosis Worsens
ZIMBABWE: Increases Mining Fees
GERMANY: President Vows to Finish Term
INDIA: Leased Nuclear Submarine Threatens China
INDIA: To Purchase Iranian Oil with Gold
RUSSIA: Syria Partnership Strong despite Violence
SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab Attacks Ethiopian Base
BURMA: Pressures Ethnic Militia to Improve Foreign Investments


Issue 170 - Published 20 January 2011

COLOMBIA: Oil Rigs Shut Down
EGYPT: Seeks Fulfillment of Economic Agreements
GHANA: Calls for Oil Revenue Management
INDONESIA: Establishes American Business Partnership
SOUTH KOREA: Increases Arms Sales
CHINA: Increases Saudi Arabia Cooperation
ISRAEL: Joint War Games Postponed
NIGERIA: Fuel Price Protests Yield Perceived Victory
RUSSIA: Gubernatorial Election Law Introduced
VENEZUELA: Ahmadinejad Highlights Future Ties


Issue 169 - Published 8 December 2011

BURMA: Kachin Refugees Awaiting Aid
BELGIUM: Swears in New Government
COLOMBIA: Ambassador Defends Trade Agreement
RUSSIA: Interior Troops Deter Protests
ZIMBABWE: Infrastructure Audit Progresses
CHINA: Seeks Greater Ukraine Security Cooperation
COLOMBIA: Closes Intelligence Agency
NIGER: Domestic Oil Production Affects Economy
NIGERIA: US Warns of Boko Haram Threat
VENEZUELA: Chavez Hosts Latin America Summit
YEMEN: Interim Government Agreement Reached


Issue 168 - Published 21 November 2011

CHINA: Meets with African Union Chief
EGYPT: Regulates Textile Industry
JAPAN: Lower House Hacked
MALAYSIA: Offers Loans in Australia
NIGERIA: Tanker Drivers Protest
RUSSIA: Army Conscription Rates Fall Drastically
RUSSIA: Signs Economic Agreement with Belarus, Kazakhstan
TURKEY: Commandos Kill PKK Hijacker
AFGHANISTAN: Announces Permanent US Pact
AUSTRALIA: Announces Potential Lift of Uranium Ban
CHINA: Increases Efforts toward Ethnic Unity
VENEZUELA: Political Opposition Holds Debate
YEMEN: Nine Generals Replaced by President
NIGERIA: Boko Haram Gains Power


Issue 167 - Published 15 November 2011


Issue 166 - Published 2 November 2011

ARGENTINA: AFIP Regulates the Dollar
AUSTRALIA: Gives Territories Power
CHINA: National Congress Elections Begin
IRELAND: Establishes Fund for New Business
LIBYA: Elects New Prime Minister
SOUTH KOREA: Construction Deals Finalized
AFGHANISTAN: Announces Alliance with Pakistan
CHINA: BASIC Officials Discuss Climate Change
INDIA: Foils Assassination Attempt
IRAQ: Twin Bombings Signal Increase in Violence
RUSSIA: Offers USD 10 Billion Aid to Eurozone
VENEZUELA: Seeks Stronger Ties with China
YEMEN: Government Cease-Fire Leads to Violence


Issue 165 - Published 26 October 2011

COLOMBIA: Wiretapping Scandal Denied JAPAN: Lawmaker‟s Computers Infected
KYRGYZSTAN: National Center against Torture Voted Down
MACEDONIA: Establishes New Research Labs
NAMIBIA: National Airline Fails to Repay Debt
RUSSIA: Outlook of Bank System Downgraded
TUNISIA: Holds First Free Elections
VIETNAM: Stops Small Business Pollution
CHINA: Legally Defines Terrorism and Related Acts
COLOMBIA: Election Laws Enforcement Reduces FARC Influence
INDIA: Increases French Nuclear Cooperation
INDIA: Rejects Tender for Russian Helicopter Contract
IRAQ: US War Ends
LEBANON: Hezbollah Prepares for Israel War
NEPAL: Maoists Reexamine Cantonments at Opposition‟s Behest
SYRIA: Arab League Votes against Syria Suspension
VENEZUELA: Chavez Announces Campaign Intentions
YEMEN: President Saleh Needs Global Guarantees to Sign Deal
CYBERSECURITY: Duqu Worm Infiltrates Industrial Systems
KENYA: Somalia Offensive Seeks Increased National Security


Issue 164 - Published 20 October 2011

BELGIUM: To Create ISTAR Battalion
CHINA: Vice Premier to Visit North, South Korea
PHILIPPINES: Refuses Renewed War with Rebels
RUSSIA: Sets Next Bulava Test Launch Date
RUSSIA: Signs CIS Free Trade Agreement
UGANDA: Receives US Troops for LRA Fight
BRAZIL: Sports Minister Denies Embezzlement Accusations
COLOMBIA: Will Hold Elections amid Violence
PAKISTAN: Governor Escapes Assassination Attempt
YEMEN: Saleh Refuses Political Power Transfer
CYBERSECURITY: Smartcard Duplication Achieved
INDIA: Signs Vietnam Strategic Agreement


Issue 163 - Published 14 October 2011

AUSTRIA: Metal Workers Strike
BAHRAIN: Islamic Society Losing Standing
BRAZIL: Community Faces Eviction
BURMA: Passes Labor Law INDONESIA: Presidential Health Rumors Dispelled KENYA: Saving the Shilling
RUSSIA: Belarus Nuclear Power Contract Signed
RUSSIA: Creates Joint-Investment Fund with China
SPAIN: Protests Public Education Cuts
THAILAND: UDD Aids Flooded Provinces
ISRAEL: UNESCO Board Endorses Palestinian Membership
LEBANON: Hamas Encourages Palestinian Refugees
MALI: Tuareg Rebels Renew Attacks

CYBERSECURITY: BEAST Program Breaches Security Protocols


Issue 162 - Published 7 October 2011

BANGLADESH: Agricultural Solution for Unemployment
BANGLADESH: War Crimes Trials Begin
MALAWI: Chinese Investor to Develop Building
NORTH KOREA: Possible Test of Third Nuclear Missile
THAILAND: Government to Test Military Obedience
UNITED STATES: To Vote on Free Trade Agreement
BURMA: Government Divided on Education
BURMA: Major Dam Project Halted
CHINA: Pledges Greater Military Cooperation with France
CHINA: Subway Accidents Raise Concern
INDIA: Somali Pirates Fund Islamic Extremists
INDIA: Strategic Afghan Partnership Strains Pakistan Relations
IRAQ: Makes First Fighter Jet Payment to US
NIGERIA: Boko Haram Makes Demands
RUSSIA: President Dismisses Lieutenant General
SOUTH SUDAN: US to Nominate South Sudan Ambassador
VENEZUELA: Chavez's Spending Scrutinized
YEMEN: Political Power Transfer Possible
YEMEN: Defense Minister Escapes Assassination Attempt