Issue 200 - Published 30 April 2013

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Announces offensive
CHINA: Cruise to Disputed Islands
EGYPT: Reviews Legal System
INDIA: Monitors Chinese Troops
INDONESIA: Answers Military Complaints
ISRAEL: Intercepts Drone
ISRAEL: Orders Snap Exercise
JAPAN: Plans Myanmar Visit
MALAYSIA: Faces Election Violence
NICARAGUA: Receives Russian Delegation
PANAMA: Rejects Nurses’ Strike
SOUTH AFRICA: Passes Secrecy Bill
SUDAN: Government Militia Abandons Duties
TAIWAN: Passes Absentee Voting
CHINA: Monitors Air Pollution CHINA: Plans to Discuss North Korea
FRANCE: Government Alleges Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons
INDIA: Agrees to Further Security Partnership With Maldives
MOROCCO: Joint US Military Exercise Cancelled
RUSSIA: Aid to US Terror Investigation
SOUTH KOREA: Nuclear Talks with US Proceeding
VENEZUELA: Electoral Council to Conduct Full Recount
BANGLADESH: Past is Prologue


Issue 199 - Published 19 April 2013

CHINA: Restricts Media
DENMARK: Arrests 15 Year Old
HONDURAS: Moves to Declare Epidemic
IRAN: Struck By Earthquake
ISRAEL: Reacts to Rockets
JAPAN: Watches Volcano
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Evacuates Volcanic Island
QATAR: Receives London Mayor
SUDAN: Frees Military Officers
CAMBODIA: Threatens Border Agreement
INDIA: Agrees to Strategic Partnership with Maldives
MOROCCO: Preparations Made for Military Exercise
NEPAL: Election Atmosphere Begins
PHILIPPINES: Support Reaffirmed for US Action
RUSSIA: Magnitsky Blacklist Revealed
UGANDA: Implements Risky Economic Expansion


Issue 198 - Published 15 April 2013

CHILE: Halts Gold Mine
INDIA: Reopens Riot Probe
INDONESIA: Orders Symbol Removed
JAPAN: Reviews Constitution
KAZAKSTAN: Hosts Finnish President
MOZAMBIQUE: Threatens Rebels
NIGERIA: Deputy Governor Targeted
TAIWAN: Awarded Fishing Rights
THAILAND: Demands Pay for Performance Repeal
UNITED STATES: Two Die as Bombs Hit Boston Marathon
VENEZUELA: Upholds Vote
YEMEN: Clashes Spread
ZAMBIA: Decentralized Government
CHINA: Bird Flu Spreads to Beijing
COLOMBIA: Rebels Obtain Surface-to-Air Missiles
FRANCE: Pilots Held in Dominican Republic Drug Case
KUWAIT: Muslim Brotherhood Has New Target
SYRIA: Increased Jihadist Activity
UGANDA: Tensions Increase due to Rebel Support


Issue 197 - Published 5 April 2013

CHINA: Received Peruvian President
CHINA: Moves Troops to North Korean Border
COLOMBIA: Peace Talks Delayed
EGYPT: Arrests Activist
INDONESIA: Restricts Press
ISRAEL: Marks Land Day
NEPAL: Protests Interim Government
PARAGUAY: Remains Silent
TAIWAN: Enhances Coast Guard
BRAZIL: Prison Gang Building Trans-national Drug Organization
CHINA: Influence Expanding into African Countries
GHANA: Chinese Presence Increased
INDIA: Building Futuristic Naval Base to Counter China
IRAN: Approach of Elections Adds to Tensions
JAPAN: Debt Levels Unsustainable
MOROCCO: Increases Border Security to Stop Terrorists
PAKISTAN: Caretaker Government Preparing for Elections
PHILIPPINES: Credit Rating Improved
IRAN: Elections May Bring Voice of Cooperation


Issue 196 - Published 28 March 2013 

BOLIVIA: Presses Sea Claim
COLOMBIA: Closes Sixth Round of Talks
EGYPT: Legality of Muslim Brotherhood Questioned
INDONESIA: Faces Church Dilemma
IRAN: To Send Navy Beyond its Regional Waters
ISRAEL: Al-Nusra Controls Israel-Syria-Jordan Junction
PAKISTAN: National Assembly Elections Scheduled
PARAGUAY: Evicts Farmers
TAIWAN: Continues Nuclear Debate
THAILAND: Schedules Negotiations with Terrorists
VIETNAM: Protests Incident in South China Sea
COLOMBIA: Military Authorization to Combat Gangs
FRANCE: Troops Withdraw From Mali
IRAN: Loophole Closure Toughens Sanctions
IRAN: New Destroyer Launched in Caspian Sea
KUWAIT: Shots Fired on Iraqi Border
SOMALIA: Militants Begin Counteroffensive
THAILAND: Bombing Aimed at Peace Talks
UGANDA: Sentiment for Secession Grows in North
CHINA: Signals Further Displeasure with North Korean Test


Issue 195 - Published 7 March 2013

Bangladesh: Arrests Students on Murder Charge
China: Increases Defense Budget
China: Villagers Attack Officials
Japan: Claims Disputed Islands
Malaysia: Ousts Fighters
Maldives: Detains Opposition
United Arab Emirates: Islamist Trial Begins
Venezuela: Chavez Pronounced Dead
France: Fighting Resumes in Mali
Indonesia: Blocks Disbandment of Counter Terrorism Unit
Iraq: Forges Arms Deal with Russia
Russia: Pushes for Military Upgrade
Somalia: Offers Amnesty to Pirates
Saudi Arabia: Supplying Weapons to Syrian Rebels
Taiwan: Announces Nuclear Referendum
Thailand: Commences Peace Talks with Insurgents
Turkey: Forms Defense Partnership with Pakistan
Israel: Regional Security Deteriorates


Issue 194 - Published 28 February 2013

BANGLADESH: Receives Terrorism Intelligence
CHINA: Places Sea Buoys Near Disputed Islands
INDONESIA: Police Ambush Gang Members
IRAN: Further Efforts to Overcome Sanctions
JORDAN: Protests Over Reforms
NICARAGUA: Offers to Negotiate on Maritime Dispute
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Identifies Missing Shipwrecked Persons
PERU: Shining Path Havens Attacked
YEMEN: Calls for Dialogue
CHINA: Report Implicates Government
INDIA: Helicopter Deal Investigated
IRELAND: Government Apologizes for Involvement in Scandal
JAPAN: Asian Tensions Call for US Action
JAPAN: Reaffirms US Alliance
PAKISTAN: Prisoner Exchange Refused by Afghanistan
RUSSIA: Tensions Over US Adoptions Increase


Issue 193 - Published 21 February 2013

INDIA: Bombs Explode in Hyderabad
INDIA: Thai Gold Banned
INDONESIA: Announces Religious Conference
IRAN: New Radar to Combat GEOINT
JAPAN: Aid Excludes North Korean Schools
KYRGYZSTAN: Welcomes New Ambassadors
NEPAL: Further Regulates Schools
RUSSIA: Discusses Brazilian Defense
COLOMBIA: Peace Negotiations May Be Influenced by Attacks
FRANCE: Signs Deal with India
GHANA: Looking to End Fuel Smuggling
INDONESIA: Delays Graft Case
IRAN: Sanctions Spark Pipeline Deal
SOMALIA: United Nations Debates Weapons Embargo
TURKEY: Tensions with Cyprus Reignited


Issue 192- Published  14 February 2013

BAHRAIN: Disperses Protests
BANGLDESH: Links Bank Data
BRAZIL: Provides Drone Raids
DENMARK: Considers Asylum Placement
EGYPT: Marches Against Policy
INDONESIA: Passes Terror Funding Bill
PERU: Reenters Antarctic Station
SAUDI ARABIA: Succession Clarified
THAILAND: Discusses Anti-Terror Measures
CHINA: Mass Arrest and Detention of Tibetans
IRAN: New Stealth Fighter Jet Unveiled
ISRAEL: E1 Settlements Increase Tensions
JAPAN: Territorial Dispute with China Escalates
MOROCCO: King’s Speech Calls for Cooperation of Islamic Countries
NEPAL: Chief Justice May Lead Government
PAKISTAN: $1.5B Iranian Natural Gas Pipeline to be Built
PORTUGAL: Globalizing Torture
RUSSIA: Military Presence in Syria Complicates Situation


Issue 191 - Published 6 February 2013

BOLIVIA: Awaits Maritime Access
CHINA: Tensions Rise Over Diayou Islands
COLOMBIA: German Tourists Held Hostage
EGYPT: Suppresses Further Protests
FRANCE: Nigerian Pirates Seize Tanker
INDIA: Initiatives on Sexual Crimes
INDONESIA: Examines Election Graft
IRAN: Ahmadinejad Seeks to Overcome Sanctions
PAKISTAN: Bin-Laden Movie Boycotted
YEMEN: Routs Terror Cell
IRAN: Retaliation Threatened for Israeli Strike
MALI: Last Military Stronghold Captured
RUSSIA: Relations With the US Slip Further
SAUDI ARABIA: Drastic Change on the Horizon
SYRIA: Jabbat al Nusra Vows Creation of Islamic State
THAILAND: Lese Majeste Laws Target Opposition
UGANDA: Military Coup Threatened


Issue 190 - Published 5 December 2012

BAHRAIN: Halts Opposition March
BRAZIL: Protests Royalty Distribution
LEBANON: Sectarian Violence Increases
PAPAU NEW GUINEA: Pirates Strike off Northern Coast
PARAGUAY: Judicial Workers Strike
RUSSIA: Former FSB Department Head Escapes Custody
VENEZUELA: Signs China Deals
COLOMBIA: Bogotá Harms International Standing
COLOMBIA: Military Unprepared to Face Future Criminals
GREECE: Overcrowding in Detention Center Causes Riot
INDONESIA: Hosts Anti-Corruption Conference
SERBIA: Seeks Loan from International Monetary Fund
VENEZUELA: Reemerging Concerns for Chavez
VIETNAM: Heightened Conflict in the South China Sea


Issue 189 - Published 20 November 2012

BANGLADESH: Discovers Training Camp
COLOMBIA: Begins Formal FARC Talks
IRAN: Delays Nuclear Reactor Start
LIBYA: Swears in New Government
THAILAND: Signs Defense Vision Statement
GREECE: New Austerity Budget Prompts Further Protests
INDONESIA: Uncovers Terrorist Training School
KOSOVO: Grenade Explodes Near Serbian-Occupied Building
MOROCCO: Security Forces Arrest Terrorists
PAKISTAN: Tensions Increase between Military and Judiciary


Issue 188 - Published 9 November 2012

ARGENTINA: Captures Cartel Leader
BAHRAIN: Arrests Bombing Suspects
COLOMBIA: Successful FARC Negotiations Continue in Havana
GERMANY: Interested in Developing Bangladesh Port
MALAYSIA: Announces Human Trafficking Reduction
PANAMA: National Police Actions Questioned
QATAR: Requests Missile Defense Systems
IRAN: Opens Fifth Persian Gulf Naval Base
KOSOVO: Hacker Group Attacks US National Weather Service
LAOS: Starts Construction of Xayaburi Dam
PARAGAUY: Increases Isolation from Neighbors
SERBIA: Talks with Kosovo Begin


Issue 187 - Published 1 November 2012

BAHRAIN: Bans All Gatherings
EL SALVADOR: Expels Street Vendors
JAPAN: Observes More Ships in Territorial Waters MALAYSIA: Busts Major Drug Ring
MALAYSIA: Proton Signs Honda Pact
NIGERIA: Manages Flood Relief
PARAGUAY: Objects to Election Observation
RUSSIA: Upgrades Reconnaissance Aircraft
AFGHANISTAN: Attacks Continue to Threaten Peace Negotiations
INDONESIA: Finds More Terrorism Evidence
MOROCCO: Seeks Unified Front to Decrease Risk of Domestic Unrest
NORTH KOREA: Boosts Cyber Warfare Capability
PAKISTAN: Drone Strike Stirs Hostility against US
SOUTH KOREA: Cancels Rocket Launch for Third Time


Issue 186 - Published 19 October 2012

JAPAN: Observes Chinese Warships
KUWAIT: Announces Development Fund
PARAGUAY: Calls for Presidential Trial
RUSSIA: Al-Qa’ida’s “Forest Jihad”
RUSSIA: Oil Company Develops African Pipeline
SAUDI ARABIA: Discovers New Gas Field
ZIMBABWE: Proceeds with Dam Construction
BRAZIL: Commences Sixth Stage of Operation Agata
MALI: Taureg Organization No Longer Separatist
NIGERIA: Growing Unrest Threatens Foreign Investment
NORTH KOREA: States Missiles Can Hit US Mainland
SOUTH SUDAN: Progresses towards Peace with Sudan
MEXICO: Calderon’s Policies Take Toll on Zetas


Issue 185 - Published 5 October 2012

BAHRAIN: Copes with Violent Weekend
COLOMBIA: Vendors Protest in Medellin
NIGERIA: Shell Shuts Down Pipeline
SOMALIA: AU Captures Al-Shabaab Stronghold
TAIWAN: US Waives Visa Requirements
INDONESIA: Statement Causes Loss of Human Rights Support
ITALY: Courts Enforce Controversial Libel Law
MEXICO: Internal Feud Deteriorates Zetas Organization
NORTH KOREA: Refurbishment of Missile Launch Sites
RUSSIA: Troops May Face Eviction from Tajikistan
SYRIA: Increasing Danger of Chemical Warfare
VENEZUELA: Presidential Campaign Turns Deadly


Issue 184 - Published 27 September 2012

INDIA: Faces Local Government Turmoil
IRAN: Announces New Air Defense System
KAZAKHSTAN: Shuffles Ministerial Positions
PARAGUAY: Demonstrates Against President
TURKEY: Bomb Targets Military Vehicle
ZIMBABWE: National Airline Suspended
EGYPT: Sinai Security Deteriorates
KENYA: Contracts Chinese Company for Construction of Major Railway
MEXICO: Drug Cartels Pay Better Than Mexican Government
MOROCCO: Al-Qa‟ida in Mali Threatens Moroccan Security
SOMALIA: AMISOM Advances on Key al-Shabaab Stronghold
THAILAND: Car Bomb Attack Threatens Stability


Issue 183 - Published 21 September 2012

BELGIUM: Experiences Anti-Islam Film Riots
ISRAEL: Clash on Negev Border
LEBANON: Called to Protest
OMAN: Minesweeping Exercise
PAKISTAN: Movie Protests Continue
PHILLIPINES: Busts Chinese Drug Dealers
RUSSIA: Forgives 90 Percent of DPRK Debt
SOUTH KOREA: Navy Fires on North Korean Fishing Boats
SOUTH KOREA: Signs Peruvian Defense Expansion Agreement
TURKEY: Plans to Continue Operations Against PKK
BRAZIL: Increases Military Presence to Counter Terror and Drug Activity
MOROCCO: Welcomes US Secretary of State
PAKISTAN: Girl Released on Bail in Book-Burning Case
SOUTH KOREA: Economy Upgraded
THAILAND: Manages Annual Flooding


Issue 182 - Published 14 September 2012

EGYPT: Announces Constitution Draft Timetable
EGYPT: Morsi Authorizes Forced Retirement of Generals
INDIA: Launches 100th Space Mission
JAPAN: Forms New Political Party
RUSSIA: Eases Visa Regulations
THAILAND: Discusses Malaysian Border Security
TURKEY: Suffers a Suicide Bomb Attack
COLOMBIA: FARC Peace Treaty Increases Potential for Criminal Groups
GERMANY: Reviews Egypt Submarine Deal
INDONESIA: Investigates Individual’s Connections to Terrorist Group
MEXICO: Cartel Boss Prosecution May Spark Violence
RUSSIA: To Deliver 52 Mi-171E Helicopters to China
VENEZUELA: Withdraws from OAS Human Rights Groups