Issue 217 - Published 18 April 2014

AUSTRALIA: Premier Resigns
BANGLADESH: Political Leader Killed
FRANCE: Vials of Lethal Disease Disappear
INDONESIA: Police Chief Investigated
JORDAN: RJAF Destroys Vehicles Crossing Border from Syria
PUERTO RICO: US Authorities Stop Cocaine Shipment
YEMEN: Gun License Renewal Suspended Temporarily
BOLIVIA: ICJ Case Presented
INDONESIA: Aceh Implements Detention Centers
IRAN: IAEA Reports Further Reduction in Uranium Stockpile
JAPAN: Bird Flu Confirmed
MOROCCO: Training Assistance Requested
RUSSIA: Possibility of Russian-Provoked Civil War
SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi Spy Chief Steps Down
SOUTH SUDAN: Rebel Forces Capture Major Oil Hub
SPAIN: Highest Unemployment in EU


Issue 216 - Published 14 April 2014

CAMBODIA: Cyber Draft Leaked
INDONESIA: Presidential Plane Obtained
IRAN: Four Captured Border Guards Returned Safely
MEXICO: State Minister Arrested
NEPAL: Tibetan Refugees Found with Explosives
NICARAGUA: Parliament Ratifies Cuban Trade Agreement
PAKISTAN: Taliban Factions Fight
PAKISTAN: Vegetable Market Blast Claim Denied
TURKEY: Twitter Unblocked, YouTube Still Banned
CHINA: Lawyers Claim Torture by Government
COLOMBIA: Cartagena Plant Closed for Renovations
INDONESIA: Border Crossing Closed
IRAN: Parliament Adopts Iran-Pakistan Security Bill
ISRAEL: Syria Uses Chemical Weapons
JAPAN: Limitations On Collective Self-Defense
LEBANON: Cocaine Traffickers Arrested
MEXICO: Self Defense Groups Ordered to Disarm
RUSSIA: NATO Insists on Increased Defense Spending
RUSSIA: Possible Referendums in Eastern Ukrainian Cities
SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab Fleeing to Northern Somalia
SOUTH KOREA: Unification through Public Diplomacy
SPAIN: Countries Meet on Illegal Immigration
SYRIA: Jesuit Priest Assassinated in Homs


Issue 215 - Published 4 April 2014

CAMBODIA: US Servicemen Recovered
CHINA: CELAC Delegation Meeting
LEBANON: Police Officer Killed By Gunmen
MEXICO: Oil Fields Sent to Auction
MOROCCO: King Launches Social Reforms
SERBIA: Genocide Claims Heard
THAILAND: Possible WWII Bomb Explodes
COLOMBIA: Government Tries to Regain Control of Buenaventura
ENGLAND: Heathrow Move Generates Controversy
FRANCE: Sino-Franco Industrial Deal
GERMANY: Officials Propose to Deport Unemployed Foreigners
IRAN: Khamenei Pardons 920 Prisoners
INDONESIA: Maid’s Blood Price Lowered
JAPAN: Financial Aid To Ukraine
MEXICO: Mining Sector Faces Security Challenges
SOMALIA: Autonomous State Accused of Supporting Terror
SOUTH KOREA: Aid Used as Leverage
SYRIA: Government Forces Take Control of Key Rebel Towns
UKRAINE: Moscow and Washington Seek Resolution


Issue 214 - Published 28 March 2014

ARMENIA: Ukrainian Ambassador Removed
CAMBODIA: Government Summons Thai Ambassador
IRAN: Bus Crash Claims 35 Lives
PANAMA: President Visits Mexico
PARAGUAY: Strikes Halt Public Services
SYRIA: Regime Fighter Plane Shot Down Over Turkey
COLOMBIA: FARC Kidnaps Five Oil Workers
EGYPT: Military Officers Killed During Raid
ENGLAND: Sinkholes Cause Economic Repercussions
GERMANY: Germany Prepares for Economic Backlash
INDIA: FDA Bans Pharmaceutical Imports
INDONESIA: Graft Discovered in Japanese Projects
IRAN: Captive Border Guard Killed by Dissident Group
JAPAN: Talks With North Korea
MEXICO: Leadership of Sinaloa Drug Cartel Transferred
NORTH KOREA: Government Threatens to Demonstrate Nuclear Power
RUSSIA: Ready to Move on to Moldova
RUSSIA: Russia Suspended from G8
SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab Bombs Hotel
SOUTH SUDAN: UN Accused of Smuggling Weapons
SPAIN: Economy On the Rise
THAILAND: Election Results Thrown Out
TURKEY: Twitter Banned by Erdogan


Issue 213 - Published 21 March 2014

AUSTRALIA: US Drone Purchase Approved
GUYANA: President Cordial with Pakistani High Commissioner
INDONESIA: Military Plans Islands’ Defense
IRAN: Pakistani Border Closed for Iranian New Year
NEPAL: Strikes Against Rising Fuel Prices
YEMEN: Influx of Saudi Islamist Militants into Yemen
CHINA: Plan for Massive Urban Migration Released
ENGLAND: Growing Syrian Threats Likely to Increase Cooperation
INDONESIA: Governor Nominated for President
IRAN: Officials Suspect Foreign Sabotage of Nuclear Equipment
PAKISTAN: Bombings Challenge Peace Talks
SYRIA: Regime Takes Control of Key Stronghold
TAIWAN: Legislature Occupation Prevents Trade Bill
THAILAND: Pro-Government Leader Ready to Protest
UKRAINE: Russian-Backed Secession Passed


Issue 212 - Published 6 March 2014

CAMBODIA: Sex Trade Fears Increase
COLOMBIA: Soldiers Arrested for False Positives
EGYPT: Prime Minster Encourages End to Strikes
IRAN: Air Defense Base Receives Mass Missile Shipment
LAOS: Campaign to Remove Bombs
TAIWAN: Nuclear Plant Rumors Dispelled
VIETNAM: Food Safety Alarm Raised
CHINA: Yuan Depreciates
COLOMBIA: ELN Apologizes to Aida Avella
FRANCE: Return of French Imperialism
INDONESIA: Smoke Drift Announced
IRAN: IAEA Reports Progress on Nuclear Program
LEBANON: Beirut Receives Iranian Delegation
MEXICO: Extradition of Sinaloa Cartel Boss to US Blocked
SOMALIA: Car Bomb Near Intelligence Headquarters
SOUTH KOREA: Opposition Party Merger
SOUTH SUDAN: United Nations Confirms Mass Ethnic Killings
SPAIN: Spain Profits Selling Bankia Shares
TURKEY: Wiretap Recordings Deemed Inadmissible Evidence
YEMEN: Houthi Rebels Attack after Protest


Issue 211 - Published 3 March 2014

BANGLADESH: Convicts Freed by Armed Gang
COLOMBIA: Assassination Attempt on Presidential Candidate
CUBA: Russian Ship Docks in Havana
ICELAND: EU Application Withdrawal
JAPAN: Ex-PM Spared Trial
LAOS: Draft Plan to End Violence Against Women
MOROCCO: Government Summons French Ambassador
BRUNEI: Negotiating Oil Deal with China
CHINA: Ahead in Smart-Grid Technology
CHINA: Progress on Stealth Aircraft
ENGLAND: Detainment Gives Officials More Power
INDONESIA: Graft Case Delayed
IRAN: New Missile Technology Unveiled
LEBANON: Hezbollah Threatens Retaliation against Israel
RUSSIA: Putin’s Fight for Crimea
SOUTH KOREA: Currency Swap Signed
SOUTH SUDAN: China Reconsiders Relations
SYRIA: United Nations Issues Second Call for Aid


Issue 210 - Published 21 February 2014

AFGHANISTAN: Former Taliban Minister Killed
CAMBODIA: Ivory Smugglers Arrested
INDIA: Air Safety Rating Lost
IRAQ: Car Bombs Detonated in Baghdad
NEPAL: Plane Crash Kills 18
NIGERIA: Boko Haram Attacks Army General’s House
CHILE: Tension Rises Over Land Dispute with Peru
CHINA: Seeking North Korean Nuclear Disarmament
EGYPT: Cairo Strengthens Ties with Moscow
GERMANY: Questions the Euro-Zone Recovery Plan
IRAN: Threatens to Send Forces into Pakistan
JAPAN: Looking To Export Weapons
LEBANON: Abdullah Azzam Brigade Detonates Car Bombs in Beirut
SINGAPORE: Indonesian Frigate Banned
SOUTH SUDAN: Second Round of Peace Talks Underway
TURKEY: President Gul Ratifies Censorship Bill


Issue 209 - Published 14 February 2014

CAMBODIA: Authorities Burn 60 Homes
CHINA: Dongguan Leads to Backlash
COLOMBIA: Kidnapping Incident May Affect Elections
IRAN: Top Diplomats Meet in Tunis
IRAQ: Soldiers Killed in Militant Assault
JAPAN: Falls in Press Freedom Ratings
LEBANON: Army Dispatched to Quell Violence
PAKISTAN: Formation of Taliban Splinter Group
THAILAND: Four Killed in Shooting
CHINA: Holds Official Talks with Taiwan
INDONESIA: Investigates Boat Fire
IRAN: IAEA Concludes Talks in Tehran
MEXICO: Vigilante Groups Drive out Knights Templar in Michoacán
NORTH KOREA: Ship Caught with Weapons Released
RUSSIA: EU Receives $53 Billion Olympic Bill
SOMALIA: Ethiopian Troops Deployed to Somalia
SPAIN: Catalonia to Hold Vote for Independence
SYRIA: Second Round of Syria Peace Talks Begin Roughly
THAILAND: New Protest Front Emerges
TURKEY: Government Responds to Citizens’ Criticism
YEMEN: Intelligence Officer Killed Near Oil Ministry


Issue 208 - Published 7 February 2014

BURMA: Considers Shan Constitution
COLOMBIA: Government Troops Attack FARC Rebels
INDIA: Lawyers Demands High Bench
IRAQ: Troops Set To Invade Fallujah
ISRAEL: Miri Regev Proposes Annexation
LEBANON: Al Nusrah Front strikes at Hezbollah North Korea: Possible Reunion Cancelations
PHILIPINES: Captures Rebel Base
CHINA: Funds International Oil Exploration
ENGLAND: Heightens Security after Conviction
FRANCE: To Reorganize African Counter-Terrorism Strategy
INDONESIA: Plans Flood Recovery
IRAN: Unveils New Satellites
LEBANON: Academic Head Calls for Constitutional Reform
MEXICO: Proposes to Institutionalize Vigilantes
NORTH KOREA: Nuclear Program Rebooted
RUSSIA: The Great Olympic Wall of Security
SOMALIA: Air Strike Targets Senior Terror Member
TURKEY: Central Bank Responds to Devalued Lira
UKRAINE: Unwilling to Use Force to Restore Peace


Issue 207 - Published 4 December 2013

EGYPT: Acting President Issues Anti-Corruption Law
EGYPT: Jihadi Cleric Killed in Sinai
FRANCE: Arrests Suspected Jihad Extremists
IRAN: Former Spy Masters Project Iranian Nuke
MOZAMBIQUE: Security Deteriorates
NORTH KOREA: Key Kim Family Member Purged
OMAN: Ranks High on Women’s Rights
SPAIN: Border Security Not Breaking EU Law
TURKEY: Asks for Extension on Defense Contract Bids
BRAZIL: Admits to Spying on Foreign Diplomats
INDIA: Director Apologizes for Remark
IRAN: IAEA Reports Halt in Iranian Nuclear Expansion
MEXICO: Military Takes Control of Major Seaport
RUSSIA: Renews Relations with Egypt
RUSSIA: Chinese Imports Contain Wireless “Spy Chips”
TUNISIA: Defense Ministry Increases Defense Budget
PAKISTAN: Militant Separatism Complicates Global Interaction and Growth


Issue 206 - Published 14 November 2013

BURMA: Considers Assembly Repeal
CAMBODIA: Opens Cross Party Discussion
CHINA: Bombed At Party Headquarters
IRAN: Sunni Dissident Group Responsible for Assassination
ISRAEL: Political Relations with Turkey Hinder Potential Gas Deal
JAPAN: Scolded for Nuclear Safety
ROMANIA: Discusses Fiscal 2014 Budget
THAILAND: Rejects Blanket Amnesty
BRAZIL: Discusses Selling to China Construction Bank
CHINA: Censures Japan for Disrupting Navy Drills
INDIA: Increases Security Around Prime Ministerial Candidate
JAPAN: Increases Security Cooperation with Russia
RUSSIA: Putin Signs Antiterrorism Bill Into Law
TAIWAN: Receives Apaches
THAILAND: Prepares for Court Ruling Results
UKRAINE: Fails to Pay Overdue Gas Debts


Issue 205 - Published 5 November 2013

BOLOVIA: First Satellite Operators Trained in China
CAMBODIA: Reopens Dialogue
GREECE: Golden Dawn Politicians Jailed
INDONESIA: Begins Worker Strikes
ISRAEL: Netanyahu Approves Release of Palestinian Prisoners
JAPAN: Negotiates Nuclear Cleanup
JAPAN: Discusses Expanding Turkish Relations
FRANCE: Signs Mongolian Uranium Export Deal
TUNISIA: Launches Operation Against Salafists
BURMA: Holds Ethnic Summit
IRAN: Urges Pakistan to Secure Border in Wake of Attack
JAPAN: Military to Carry Out War Exercise
TAIWAN: Plans Mass Protests
TUNISIA: Opposition Talks Begin


Issue 204 - Published 29 October 2013

BRAZIL: Port Fire Destroyed One of the Largest Sugar Terminals
CAMBODIA: Protests Regime
INDONESIA: Discusses New Criminal Code
IRAN: Tehran Unveils Reverse Engineered Combat Drone
IRAN: EU to Lift Bank Sanctions
JAPAN: Drafts Security Council
MEXICO: Former Leader of Tijuana Cartel Assassinated
SYRIA: Rebels Make Deals with Military
TURKEY: UAV Delivery Cancelled in Wake of Intelligence Disclosure
YEMEN: Militants Attack Ahwar Army Base
IRAN: Tehran Incentivizes International Flights
IRELAND: Trafficking Still an Issue
INDIA: Plans Historic Treasure Excavation
PHILIPPINES: Signs Defense Agreement with South Korean
RUSSIA: Nationalist Violence Against Migrants to Increase
SYRIA: Extremists Bomb Multiple Military Checkpoints
UNITED KINGDOM: Begins Currency Discussions with Chinese


Issue 203 - Published 21 October 2013

CAMBODIA: Political Division Continues
BOLIVIA: Stops Indigenous Fraud
INDIA: Mourns Soldier
MOROCCO: King Creates New Coalition Government
PAKISTAN: Taliban Threatens Malala
PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES: Hamas Claims Iran Cut Funding
RUSSIA: Arrests Over 1,000 Migrants
SAUDI ARABIA: Hajj Attracts Pilgrims Despite MERS
VENEZUELA: Mayor Arrested in Anti-Corruption Campaign
COLOMBIA: Large Military Operation against FARC
INDIA: Workers Protest Formation of New State
JAPAN: Engaged in Nuclear Power Debate
PAKISTAN: Cease Fire Efforts Falter
RUSSIA: Installs Winter Olympics Surveillance System
SYRIA: Armed Conflict Between Rebel Infighting Groups Increases
TAIWAN: Minority Fails to Obtain Votes
TUNISIA: CPR Refuses to Sign Transition “Roadmap”


Issue 202 - Published 8 October 2013

BANGLADESH: Convicts War Crimes
CAMBODIA: Announces New Protests
INDONESIA: Arrests Top Judge
IRAN: Cyber warfare Chief Killed
LIBYA: Gunmen attack Russian Embassy
TAIWAN: Debates Arms Regulations
CHINA: Announces Its Plans for Outer Space.
LEBANON: Halts a Bus Carrying Syrian Rebels
RUSSIA: Expansion Threatens Regional Stability
TURKEY: Upcoming New Democracy Package
VENEZUELA: Tension Increases between US and Venezuela


Issue 201 - Published 1 October 2013

AUSTRALIA: Announces New Asylum Restrictions
CHINA: Hit by Typhoon
COLOMBIA: Continues FARC Negotiations
EGYPT: Reopens Gaza Strip
GERMANY: Chancellor Merkel Re-elected
SWEDEN: Police Admit to Illegal Roma Registries
AZERBAIJAN: Funds Invested in Infrastructure
CAMBODIA: Widespread Election Protests
CAMBODIA: Protests Force Electoral Reform
CHINA: Opens South China Sea Talks
INDIA: First Commercial Deal on Civil Nuclear Power
IRAN: Reduces Uranium Stockpile
KUWAIT: Increases Oil Exports to Egypt
RUSSIA: Economic Relations with Ukraine Deteriorate
SYRIA: Neighbors Struggle to Cope with Outpouring of Refugees
TUNISIA: Seeks Upgrades to F-5 Aircraft