Issue 238 - Published 17 April 2015

BAHRAIN: Pakistani Man’s Car Vandalized
COLOMBIA: Air Campaign Resumes
INDONESIA: Alcohol Sales Restricted
JAPAN: Reactor Restart Halted
KYRGYZSTAN: Founder of Asian Bank of Infrastructure Investment
NIGERIA: Vows to Rescue Chibok Girls
NORWAY: Accused of Taking Lithuanian Children
RWANDA: Arrests During Genocide Memorial Week
SOUTH AFRICA: Malawi and Somalia Rescue Citizens
ARGENTINA: Judge Orders Investigation of Nisman’s Bank Account
INDIA: South Korean Trip Announced
ITALY: Trafficking Gangs Tip Off Italian Officials
MYANMAR: Holds Six-Way Talks on Parliamentary Issues
NIGERIA: Russia to Build Nuclear Plants
SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab Targets Education Ministry
VIETNAM: Japanese Navy Visits Port
YEMEN: Houthis Block Media Sites


Issue 237 - Published 10 April 2015

BAHRAIN: Defense Force Receives US Ambassador
CAMBODIA: Arsonists Cause Chaos
INDIA: Citizens Evacuated
JAPAN: Cooperative Defense Guidelines Revision
KENYA: Accounts of Suspected Terror Financiers Frozen
KYRGYZSTAN: Government Announces Energy Plan
PAKISTAN: Arms Sale Moving Ahead
RUSSIA: Energy Markets Expanded
SOUTH KOREA: Hearing on Anti-Sex Trade Law
THAILAND: Anti-Drug Trafficking Deal with Russia
WESTERN SAHARA: Natural Resources Exploitation Protested
ALGERIA: Police Seize Cannabis
CHINA: Github Attacks Causes Blowback
IRAN: Hezbollah Approves of Nuclear Agreement
IRAN: Navy Raises Stakes in Yemen Conflict
MEXICO: Mayoral Candidate Found Decapitated
PAKISTAN: 263 Terrorists Killed in Khyber’s Tirah
RUSSIA: Possible Embargo Lift on Greece
SYRIA: UN Intervenes at Palestinian Refugee Camp
TAIWAN: Spies Brought in


Issue 236 - Published 3 April 2015

EGYPT: Cooperation in Ethiopian Development
KENYA: President Criticizes Travel Alerts
KUWAIT: Financial Support for Syria
KYRGYZSTAN: Politician Wants to Join ISIS
MONGOLIA: EBRD Domestic Currency Loan
NIGERIA: First Peaceful Transfer of Power
SAUDI ARABIA: Airstrikes Successful
SOUTH KOREA: Arms Deal Tentatively Approved
VENEZUELA: Executive Order Rebuffed
BAHRAIN: Explosives Case Investigated
COLOMBIA: ELN Bombers Arrested
INDIA: Expands Trade Relations with Kenya
INDONESIA: Graft Hunt Continues
JAPAN: Companies Hiring
RUSSIA: Possible Nuclear Imbalance
SOUTH AFRICA: Auditions End for Foreign Nuclear Help


Issue 235 - Published 27 March 2015

BAHRAIN: Call for Arrest of Prince Nasser bin Hamad al-Khalifa
COLOMBIA: Key FARC Commander Killed
COLOMBIA: Military fights FARC
CZECH REPUBLIC: EU's Expats Immigrate
DENMARK: Warships to Become Russian Nuclear Targets
ETHIOPIA: Declaration of Principles with Egypt and Sudan JAPAN: No One Declared Responsible
KYRGYZSTAN: President Asks for EU Help Against ISIS
LIBYA: Human Rights Investigators Targeted
NIGERIA: Reporters Confined to Hotel
SOUTH KOREA: Satellite Launched
ALGERIA: Counterterrorism Working Group Meets
ARGENTINA: Tensions Rise in Falkland Islands
FRANCE: Temporary Driving Ban
INDIA: President Modi Travels to Gain Technological Allies
INDONESIA: Law Minister Charged
JAPAN: Abe References Self Defense Force as Military
PAKISTAN: Holiday Resumed
YEMEN: Houthi Replace Yemeni Defense Minister
YEMEN: Rebels Drop UN Talks
EUROPE: Youth Flow to Jihad Continues


Issue 234 - Published 20 March 2015

BAHRAIN: Ambassador Received by Saudi Arabia
GEORGIA: Russian Integrates South Ossetia
GERMANY: Chancellor Calls to Maintain Russian Sanctions
GHANA: GE Announces Major Drilling Project
INDONESIA: Lawyer Arrested
ISRAEL: Relations with U.S. Need Repair
JORDAN: Muslim Brotherhood Splits
KYRGYZSTAN: Textile Agreement with India
NIGERIA: Islamic State Accepts Boko Haram Allegiance
RUSSIA: Air Force Deploys Bombers to Crimea
VIETNAM: Calls for Halt to Chinese Aggression
WESTERN SAHARA: Political Release Demanded
COLOMBIA: Major Drug Lord Arrested
FRANCE: Jewish Market Reopens
INDIA: Economic Growth Hailed
MALAYSIA: State Allows Islamic Criminal Law
NAMIBIA: Special Police Unit to Protect Chinese
OMAN: Refining Capacity To Be Increased
PAKISTAN: Drone Capability Tested
YEMEN: Coalition May Provoke the Houthi


Issue 233 - Published 6 March 2015

BHUTAN: Road to Digitalization
CHINA: NGO Regulation Considered
COLOMBIA: Chinese Ship Stopped
JAPAN: Voting Age Lowering Bill Tabled
KENYA: Terror Plot Threatens Nairobi
PAKISTAN: Meets with Indian Foreign Secretary
RUSSIA: Funeral for Politician
SOUTH AFRICA: Cuba Lends Technical Assistance
SOUTH KOREA: Trade Bolstered with Saudi Arabia
SRI LANKA: Steps towards Civil Peace
SYRIA: Gas Well Recaptured
SYRIA: Oil Talks with South Africa
TUNISIA: Five Arrested for Allegiance to Terrorists
COLOMBIA: ELN Releases Hostage
COLOMBIA: Radio Journalist Assassinated
FRANCE: Drone Over Charlie Hebdo Headquarters
INDIA: Flight Diversion Likely to Raise Tensions
INDONESIA: Firing Squad Nears
MYANMAR: Kokang Region Struggle Intensifies
NIGERIA: Military Claims Questionable
RUSSIA: Cyprus Opens Ports to Russia
SYRIA: Insurgents Assault Syrian Air Force Base
UKRAINE: Potential Energy Crisis
YEMEN: Growing Opposition to Houthi Rebels
YEMEN: Iran and Houthi Ties Strengthen


Issue 232 - Published 2 March 2015


AUSTRALIA: Trial for New Tracking System

BAHRAIN: Security Agreement with India

BRITAIN: Government Recognizes Russia as a Threat

INDONESIA: Pardons Denied

KENYA: Official Relations with Algeria Open

KYRGYZSTAN: Suspected Terrorist Leader Apprehended

MALAWI: UN Works to Stop Cholera Outbreak

MONGOLIA: Former Authorities of South Gobi Sands Released

PAKISTAN: Cracks Terror Plot

RWANDA: Three Sentenced for Plotting to Kill President

SOUTH KOREA: Annual War Games Commence


CHINA: Submarines Outnumber American Fleet

COLOMBIA: ELN Rebels Kidnap Four

INDIA: Submarine Hit

INDONESIA: KPK Prepares Pushback

IRAN: Nuclear Negotiations Continue

ITALY: Deadly Bacteria Destroys Olive Trees

NIGERIA: IS Attempts to Recruit Youths

YEMEN: French Woman Kidnapped in Sanaa


Issue 231 - Published 20 February 2015

COLOMBIA: Religious Leaders Investigated
CZECH REPUBLIC: Growth in Terrorist Attacks
ISRAEL: Palestinian Girl Released From Jail
ISRAEL: President Criticizes Prime Minister’s Speech to US Congress
KENYA: Cholera Outbreak Near Lake Victoria
KYRGYZSTAN: Returning Mercenaries to be Prosecuted
NIGER: Marches Against Boko Haram
SOUTH AFRICA: 5th School Burned
SOUTH KOREA: Fishing Crews Hosted
THAILAND: Prime Minister Charged
YEMEN: Tribes Defend Against al-Qaeda
YEMEN: UN Insists on Rebel Surrender
CHINA: Commission Derailed
COLOMBIA: ELN Rebel Bomb Kills Three
FRANCE: Teenagers Detained for Vandalizing Jewish Graves
INDIA: Counters Threats with Increase in Armaments
LEBANON: Hezbollah Admits to Fighting ISIS
MALAYSIA: Calls for ASEAN Peacekeeping Force
NIGERIA: Foreigners Kidnapped in the Delta
PAKISTAN: Attempts at Peaceful Resolution to Conflict
SYRIA: The Battle for Aleppo Continues


Issue 230 - Published 13 February 2015

BAHRAIN: Meeting with Palestinian Delegation
ETHIOPIA: Technical Agreement with Argentina
INDIA: Misappropriation of Medical Budget Causes
JAPAN: Joint Defense Plan in Revision
KYRGYZSTAN: Seminars Held to Fight Recruitment
RUSSIA: Twitter Accused of Breaking Laws
SINGAPORE: Conclusion of Annual Exercises with Thailand
SOUTH SUDAN: Denies Claims of Ugandan Force
TAIWAN: Prosecutor General Sentenced
VENEZUELA: Relaxing Currency Controls
WESTERN SAHARA: Moroccan Forces Suppress Demonstration
YEMEN: Rebels Extend Control
CHINA: Anti-graft Campaign To Prevent Dissent
COLOMBIA: Mayor Held By Rebels
FRANCE: Gunmen Open Fire on Police
INDIA: Back to Talks on Disputed China Border
INDONESIA: Presidential Indecision
JORDAN: Refugees Returning to Conflict Areas
NEPAL: War Crime Panels Could Aid Internal Stability
NIGER: Resolution Passed to Fight Boko Haram
RUSSIA: Testing NATO Waters
TAIWAN: Prison Riot Ends
YEMEN: Houthis Pushing into al-Qaeda Territory


Issue 229 - Published 6 February 2015 

BAHRAIN: Condemns Execution of Jordanian Pilot
IRAQ: Tribes Form Coalition Against ISIS
JAPAN: Nuclear Reactors Cleared
KUWAIT: Criticized by Human Rights Watch
KYRGYSTAN: Extremists Arrested
PAKISTAN: Anti-Terrorism Force Aims to Improve Security
PERU: South Korea Pushes Fighter Sales
RUSSIA: PACE Votes to Deny Voting Rights
RWANDA: Peacekeepers Return
SOUTH AFRICA: Algal Bloom Threatens Food Supply
SOUTH KOREA: Economic Plateau
UGANDA: Intelligence Sharing Agreement with Rwanda
BAHRAIN: Possible Economic Cooperation with Sudan
FRANCE: Soldiers Guarding Jewish Center Stabbed
INDONESIA: Continued Political Détente Causes Unrest
MEXICO: Gas Truck Explosion
NIGERIA: Schools to Remain Open Despite Threat
PAKISTAN: New Missile Developed
UKRAINE: Civilians killed by Pro-Russia Separatists
VIETNAM: Government Implements International Hotline
YEMEN: al-Qaeda Suspected in Houthi Lawyer’s Death


Issue 228 - Published 30 January 2015

BAHRAIN: Suspected US Students Questioned
CHINA: Aerospace Firm Interested in U.S. Automobile Manufacturer
CHINA: Universities Should Shun Western Values
CUBA: Demands Return of Guantanamo
CUBA: Fidel Gives O.K. to Peace Talks
JAPAN: Newspaper Sued
KENYA: Food Shortage Threatens Thousands
KYRGYZSTAN: Terrorist Attack Thwarted
MALAYSIA: Malaysian Airlines Website Compromised
PAKISTAN: Bomb Kills Shi’a Worshippers
RUSSIA: Increase Government Spending to Avert Crisis
RUSSIA: Rocket Attack in Ukraine
SOMALIA: Forces Recapture al-Shabaab Villages
ARGENTINA: President Moves to Dissolve Intelligence Service
CHINA: Pakistani General Visits
FRANCE: Five Suspected Terrorists Busted in Police Raid
GREECE: Syriza Party Wins Election
INDONESIA: Corruption Charges Cause Schism
ISRAEL: Hezbollah Attacks IDF Convoy
JAPAN: Fukushima Shutdown Postponed
NIGERIA: Boko Haram Bomb Maker Captured
PAKISTAN: Terror Group Linked to Charity Project
RUSSIA: Spy Ring Thwarted in New York
THAILAND: New Trans-National Railway Planned
YEMEN: Rebels Release Chief of Staff
YEMEN: Relations with China Strengthen
VIETNMAN: Vietnam-U.S. Talks Signal Growing Co-operation


Issue 227 - Published 20 November 2014

CAMEROON: Stand-Off Against Boko Haram
CHINA: Looking for Support from US FDA
INDONESIA: Widodo Hikes Gas Prices
IRAQ: ISIL Loots Grain
JAPAN: Expanding Hydrogen Market
PAKISTAN: 10 Militants Surrender to Security Forces
PAKISTAN: Multiple Ballistic Missile Tests
RUSSIA: New Process for Iranian Uranium
VENEZUELA: Discussed Oil Prices with Russia
CAMBODIA: Garment Workers Wage Increased
CHINA: Breakthrough Deals at Aviation Exhibition
CUBA: Hosting Vietnam Leaders
INDIA: Guru Gone Rogue
JAPAN: New Anti-Terror Law Passed
KENYA: Successful Mosque Raids
POLAND: Strengthens Relations with Germany
YEMEN: Security Alliance with France and Britain


Issue 226 - Published 13 November 2014

BRAZIL: Bus Drivers to Strike in Sao Paulo
COLOMBIA: Human Rights Discussed
JAPAN: Dissolving the Lower House of Representatives
NIGERIA: Refugees Flee to Cameroon
NORTH KOREA: Receiving Medical Aid from the US
RUSSIA: Nuclear Plant Deal with Iran
THAILAND: Illegal Immigrants Pushed Back
TURKEY: Increase in Kurdish Oil Exports
YEMEN: US Ambassador Assassination Attempt
AUSTRALIA: Russian Warships Confirmed
CHINA: Meeting with Japan for Territorial Discussions
COLOMBIA: Guerrillas Sentenced under Indigenous Law
INDONESIA: New Trade Policy
ISRAEL: Growing Calls of Second Operation Defensive Shield
POLAND: Russian Confrontation Imminent or Dud
SOMALIA: Vote to Remove Prime Minister
VENEZUELA: OPEC Unlikely to Provide Oil Price Relief


Issue 225 - Published 6 November 2014

ARGENTINA: Hedge Fund Owner Seeks Argentine Assets
INDONESIA: Saudi Arabian Plane Grounded
JAPAN: Pro North Korean Building Sold
QATAR: China Partnership Sealed
RUSSIA: Airspace Violations
SAUDI ARABIA: Six Arrested for Religious Shooting
CHINA: Increasing Military Capability with Laser
COLOMBIA: Intelligence Scandal Could Aid Peace Talks
EGYPT: Sinai Bombings Create Stricter Security Measures
INDIA: Costly Rollout for Universal Healthcare
ISRAEL: Ambassador to Sweden Recalled
KENYA: Attacks on Military Barracks
SOUTH SUDAN: Tribal Conflict Renews
UNITED KINGDOM: Growing Support for Second Referendum
VENEZUELA: Canceled Sale Suggests Confidence on Economy


Issue 224 - Published 30 October 2014

ARGENTINA: Ensures Electricity in Buenos Aires
BANGLADESH: Islamist Leader Sentenced to Death
CAMEROON: Journalists Detained on Defamation Charges
CHINA: Scientific Cooperation with Russia
EGYPT: Rafah Border Crossing Closed
JAPAN: Pushing for Nuclear Disarmament
RUSSIA: Moldovan Meat Banned
THAILAND: Suspect Hunt Continues
YEMEN: Houthi Militants Inspect US Diplomatic Packages
BRAZIL: Re-Elects President Amidst Drought
CHINA: Looking for Cooperation with Iran’s Military
EGYPT: Suspected Terrorists Arrested
INDIA: Upgrading Border Infrastructure
IRAN: Pushes for Closer Military Ties to China
JORDAN: Preparation for Possible Ebola Outbreak
KENYA: Geothermal Plant Opened
MEXICO: Violent Protests Prompt Government Intervention
PAKISTAN: Political Tensions Simmer in Sindh
PHILIPPINES: US Pay for Damaged World Heritage Site
SOUTH SUDAN: Progress in Peace Talks
UNITED KINGDOM: New North Sea Oil Field


Issue 223 - Published 23 October 2014

CAMEROON: Army Kills Boko Haram Members
INDONESIA: Joko Widodo Inaugurated
IRAN: Top Cleric Dies
JAPAN: Former Ambassador Caught in Spy Scandal
MEXICO: New Graves Spark Protest
SOUTH KOREA: Tension Escalates After Border Gunfire
SOUTH SUDAN: Military Cooperation Agreement with Uganda
UKRAINE: Claims Troops and Separatists Used Banned Weapons
BRAZIL: Prison Takeover Leaves Government Perplexed
CHINA: Villagers and Developers Clash Over Property Rights
COLOMBIA: Peace Threatened
EGYPT: Anti-Government Protests at Elite Universities
EGYPT: Human Rights Group Center Closed
INDIA: Nuclear Deal Made in Record Time
INDIA: Successful Test-Fire of Cruise Missile
PHILIPPINES: Military Rescue on Hold
RUSSIA: Hackers Spy on NATO and Western Countries
UKRAINE: Agreement on Gas Talks with Russia
UNITED KINGDOM: Push for Scottish Independence Continues
VENEZUELA: UN Pressure on Opposition Arrests
YEMEN: Saudi and Iranian Support Threatens Proxy War


Issue 222 - Published 16 October 2014

ALGERIA: International Criminal Group Arrested
ARGENTINA: Secretary Acquitted
CAMBODIA: Thai Counterfeiters Caught
CAMEROON: Boko Haram Releases Captives
IRAQ: IS Executes Iraqi Journalist
JAPAN: Diplomats in China
PAKISTAN: Anti-Polio Campaign Launched
RUSSIA: Australian PM Plans Confrontation
SAUDI ARABIA: Pushes for Removal of Iranian Troops from Syria
YEMEN: Houthi Militants Seize Military Base
ALGERIA: Four Terrorists Killed in Army Raids
CHAD: Anti-Gay Bill Faces International Scrutiny
CHINA: Occupy Protests Sparking Cyber Warfare
FRANCE: Anti-Migrant Protests Rattle Calais
INDIA: Bardhaman Bombing Investigated
INDONESIA: President Elect Cleared
JAPAN: Typhoon Testing Tokyo
HONDURAS: Gang Members Arrested
THAILAND: Schools Set on Fire
YEMEN: Houthi Militants Announce End to Protests


Issue 221 - Published 9 October 2014

CAMEROON: Conditions Difficult for Nigerian Refugees
CHINA: Fraud Crackdown
ECUADOR: Signs Trade Agreement with Peru
EGYPT: Army Kills 16 ABM Members
IRAN: Explosion at Nuclear Site
MYANMAR: Prisoners Released
RUSSIA: Russian Nuclear Program Surpasses U.S.
SYRIA: Priest Kidnapped by al-Nusra Front
VIETNAM: US Eases Weapons Ban
YEMEN: Rebels Reject New Prime Minister
BRAZIL: Preliminary Presidential Election Inconclusive
EGYPT: Renovation of the Suez Canal
INDONESIA: Fuel Price Hike Feared
ISRAEL: Hamas Threatens Continued Violence
JAPAN: Sales Tax Rise Debated
JORDAN: King Abdullah II Visits Moscow
POLAND: Increase in Military Presence
SOUTH SUDAN: Peace Talks Suspended
UKRAINE: Ukrainian and Rebel Forces Battle for Donetsk Airport
VENEZUELA: Unstable Currency Could Trigger Economic Recession


Issue 220 - Published 2 October 2014

SITUATION REPORTS ARGENTINA: Industrial Production Declining
AUSTRALIA: Arrest Made in Terror Funding
BANGLADESH: Prime Minister Drops Cabinet Member
BOTSWANA: Political Parties Intensify Campaigns
EGYPT: Foreign Ministry Bombed
NICARAGUA: Farmers Protest Chinese Canal
OMAN: Direct Shipping Lane with Iran
PAKISTAN: North Waziristan Airstrikes Kill 15 Militants
RUSSIA: Media Bill Criticized
RUSSIA: Ukraine Accused of Genocide
SYRIA: al-Nusra Front Leader Threatens Retaliation
TAIWAN: Protesters Criticize President
YEMEN: Rocket Fired at US Embassy
BRIEFS CHINA: Democracy Movement Intensifies
EGYPT: Mubarak’s Murder Verdict Postponed
IRAN: Leveraging Cooperation on ISIS for Dismissal of Sanctions
MEXICO: Coca Plantation Signals New Area
MEXICO: Drug Cartels May Prevent Foreign Investment
PHILIPPINES: Muslims Gain Stronger Foothold
UKRAINE: Russia Limits Natural Gas Shipments
UNITED KINGDOM: Scotland Referendum Sparks a Call for Change


Issue 219 - Published 25 September 2014

BAHRAIN: Pakistan Delegation Concludes Visit
BRAZIL: Police Arrest Gang Members
CHINA: Oil Market Expanding
NIGERIA: Dispute over Executed Terrorist Leader
NIGERA: Oil Workers Suspend Strike
SOMALIA: Security Talks in London
UGANDA: Health Clinics Operating Illegally
BANGLADESH: Parliament Regains Judiciary Scrutiny
COLOMBIA: FARC Rebels Looking for Peace
INDONESIA: Votes on Regional Elections
JAPAN: Russia Invited for Discussions
KENYA: President Ordered to ICC Hearing
UKRAINE: Border Barrier Approved
UKRAINE: Fighting Continues Despite Recent Progress
YEMEN: AQAP Attack Threatens Sectarian War


Issue 218 - Published 18 September 2014

BOTSWANA: Rise in Poaching Cartels
CAMBODIA: Garment Industry Strikes
MEXICO: Mexican Ambassador Visits Iran
NIGERIA: Soldiers Convicted of Mutiny
PAKISTAN: 15 Suspected Terrorists Killed
RUSSIA: Multi-Billion Dollar Anti-Crisis Fund Created
UGANDA: al-Shabab Explosives Seized in Raid
BOLIVIA: Prison Violence Escalates
ETHIOPIA: Contemplating Execution of Convicted Terrorist
INDIA: Kashmir Floods Threaten Health of Population
INDONESIA: Terrorist-Linked Foreigners Arrested
NIGERIA: Missing Military Aircraft May Strengthen Boko Haram
NORTH KOREA: American Citizen Sentenced
PHILIPPINES: Increased Threat of Extremist Retaliatory Attacks
RUSSIA: U.S. Places Further Sanctions
SOMALIA: Counterterrorism Deputy Assassinated
SYRIA: UN Troops Withdraw to Israel