Issue 258-Published 21 April 2016

ECUADOR: Earthquake Death Toll Rises
ETHIOPIA: Cattle Raiders Kill 200 Civilians
REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Airstrikes Hit Residential Areas
SAUDI ARABIA: Cabinet Places New Restrictions on Mutawas
SYRIA: Ba’ath Party Wins Parliamentary Majority
UNITED KINGDOM: Drone Hits Passenger Flight
YEMEN: Suicide Bomb Kills Four Soldiers

ARMENIA: Joins the SCO as a Partner Nation
BRAZIL: Rousseff Loses Impeachment Vote
EGYPT: Makes Arms Deal with France
INDIA: Talks Border Security with China
SOUTH KOREA: President Comments on Loss of Parliamentary Majority
SYRIA: Proposal Declined at Geneva
THAILAND: Political Protests over Draft
UNITED KINGDOM: Report Warns of Economic Effects of Brexit
VIETNAM: PM Announces Security Cooperation with the Philippines

Issue 257-Published 13 April 2016

ANGOLA: Government Deports 100 Foreigners
AZERBAIJAN: Uses Israeli UAVs in Nagorno-Karabakh
CHAD: Presidential Elections Underway
CHINA: Sanctions Placed On North Korean Trade
FRANCE: Over 200 Protests Following Labor Reform
KAZAKHSTAN: Iran to Expand Economic Cooperation
KUWAIT: Police Uncover Counterfeit Medicine Operation
PAKISTAN: US Deal to Provide Additional Attack Helicopters
PERU: Holds General Elections
QATAR: All OPEC Members Invited to Doha Talks
UNITED KINGDOM: Company Creates Game-Changing Drone

EL SALVADOR: President Declares State of Emergency
JORDAN: Authorities Bust Smuggling Ring
NAGORNO-KARABAKH: Ceasefire Broken Between Azerbaijani and Separatist Forces
NEPAL: Former President Criticizes Current Government
NIGERIA: Government Denies Receiving Ransom Request for Chibok Girls
SWEDEN: Gets its Own Phone Number
THAILAND: Leaked Intel Report Warns of Terror Attack

Issue 256-Published 6 April 2016

INDIA: First Navy Training Squadron Deployed
INDIA: Woman Elected as Chief Minister
THAILAND: Educates Masses on Referendums
TURKMENISTAN: Military Unveils Chinese SAM
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Three Jailed for Forming Hezbollah Affiliate

CUBA: Fidel Castro Speaks out After Obama’s Visit
GREECE: UN Secretary-General Calls for Refugee Resettlement
JAPAN: Navy Increases Regional Naval Drills
NEPAL: Children Bought as Slaves
TAJIKISTAN: Authorities Order Cameras Placed in Mosques
YEMEN: New PM and Vice President Appointed

Issue 255-Published 31 March 2016

BELGIUM: To Resume Airstrikes against ISIS
JAPAN: Political Parties Merge
NEPAL: Seeks Tourists to Save Economy
NIGER: President Wins Reelection
NIGERIA: Boko Haram Leader Urges Fighters to Surrender
SOUTH SUDAN: Community Requests Withdrawal of MP Representative
SYRIA: Government Forces Recapture Palmyra
THAILAND: Data Breach in Healthcare System

BURUNDI: Government to Sue Rwanda
KYRGYZSTAN: Domestic Concerns Take Precedence after Border Quarrel
SAUDI ARABIA: Prisoner Exchange with Houthis
TURKEY: Discusses Reconciliation Agreement with Israel
VIETNAM: Confers with China on Maritime Dispute

Issue 254-Published 28 March 2016


ALGERIA: Unity of Arab Nations Requires Support
CONGO: ICC Provides Landmark Ruling on War Crimes
GERMANY: Neo-Nazi Group Banned
NIGERIA: Governor’s Absence Causing Turmoil
VENEZUELA: Gold Miners Massacred
YEMEN: Peace Talks to Resume

BRAZIL: Former President Named Chief of Staff
JORDAN: Experts Call for Investment in Refugee Children
KYRGYZSTAN/ UZBEKISTAN: Deploy Troops to Disputed Border
NEPAL: Creates Stronger Ties with China
NIGERIA: US, UK Located Chibok Girls in 2014
PHILIPPINES: Allows US to Move into Five Bases
SOUTH KOREA: Companies Unprepared for New Tax Law
TURKEY: Police Launch Anti-PKK Raids in Istanbul

Issue 253-Published 17 March 2016

CHINA: Five Year Plan Focuses on Sustainability
COTE D’IVOIRE: AQIM Claims Responsibility for Resort Shooting
IRAQ: PKK Wants to Establish New Region
KAZAKHSTAN: Plans to Produce Naval Mines
RWANDA: Signs Air Space Agreement with Ethiopia
UNITED STATES: CDC Confirms Lassa Fever Case
ZIMBABWE: Government Claims US, UK Theft of $15 Billion

CHINA: State Media Defends Human Rights Record
INDIA/PAKISTAN: Uncertainty Surrounds PLA Troop Activity
KAZAKHSTAN: Set to Increase Cooperation with EU
NIGERIA: China Seeks Nigerian Crude Oil
RUSSIA: Spy Arrested in New York
SAUDI ARABIA: Asks Pakistan to Lead Muslim Coalition
UNITED STATES: Republican Candidates Vow to Sever Ties with Cuba
VIETNAM: Citizens Protest Chinese Aggression

Issue 252-Published 2 March 2016

ARGENTINA: President Macri Met with Protesters
CAMBODIA: Navy Conducts Exercises with China
EGYPT: President Seeks Japanese Investment
GREECE: High Amount of Refuges Entering Country
JAPAN: Government to Utilize Global Food Standards
KAZAKHSTAN: Sports Fund Slashed
NEPAL: Gas Imports Across Tumultuous Border Increased
NEPAL: Receives Another Bomb Hoax
QATAR: Emir Meets with Nigeria
SOMALIA: Car Bomb Explodes in Mogadishu
SOUTH SUDAN: Norway to Move Opposition Troops

BOLIVIA: Constitutional Change Vetoed by the People
GERMANY: Admits Losing Asylum Seekers
JAPAN: Two Opposition Political Parties Set to Merge
NEPAL: Works to Repair Relationship with India
NIGERIA: Employees on Strike at Nuclear Agency
PAKISTAN: Karachi Improves Transportation Infrastructure
SAUDI ARABIA: Man Sentenced for Expressing Views Online
UZBEKISTAN: Angren-Pap Railway Completed
VIETNAM: Encourages Indian Involvement in South China Sea

Issue 251-Published 26 February 2016

BURUNDI: UN Welcomes Release of Detainees
ENGLAND: Fears Mount Over Daesh in Europe
HUNGARY: Faces Resurgence of Migrants
INDIA: Protests and Violence Continue in New Delhi
JORDAN: Held Talks with US
KAZAKHSTAN: Adjusts Economic Forecast
NIGERIA: Commits to Oil Prices with Saudi Arabia
NORTH KOREA: ITU Condemns Satellite Launch
OMAN: Condemned by Human Rights Watch
SYRIA: Israel Targets Hezbollah Weapons Depot
VENEZUELA: Zika Vaccine Shows Positive Signs in Mice
ZIMBABWE: Closes Diamond Mines

CHINA: Foreign Minister to Visit US
INDIA: Lok Sabha Debates Ongoing Student Protests
JORDAN: Sentences Three to Death for Police Murders
KYRGYZSTAN: Defends Involvement in the EEU
NIGERIA: Arrests 17 Human Trafficking Victims
THAILAND: Officials Visited Russia to Discuss Cooperation
TURKEY: TAK Takes Responsibility for Ankara Bombing
VENEZUELA: Petrol Prices Soar

Issue 250-Published 19 February 2016

CHINA: First Trains Arrive in Iran
FRANCE: Potential Paris Attackers Stopped by EU
KENYA: To Build Prison for Terrorists
INDIA: Economics Key to Improved Ties with Pakistan
NICARAGUA: Volcanic Eruptions Result in Emergency Procedures
SUDAN: Rejects US Conditions for Lifting Sanctions
TAJIKISTAN: To Receive U.S. Counterterror Funding
THAILAND: Suspected Bombers Plead Innocence
UGANDA: Violence Amid Upcoming Elections
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Prostitution Ring Investigated
VIETNAM: Action Requested on Raid of Vietnamese in Odessa

CUBA: Allows Daily Scheduled Flights from the U.S.
GHANA: Iran to Help Combat Terrorism
INDIA: Student Protests Spread
JAPAN: Abe Advocates Equal Pay Legislation
KAZAKHSTAN: Plans to Establish Trade Office in Iran
QATAR: Oil Ministers Meet to Discuss Production Cuts
RUSSIA: Denies Blame for Airstrikes on Syrian Hospitals
SINGAPORE: Will Adopt Satellite Surveillance for Airspace

Issue 249-Published 10 February 2016


ALGERIA: Call for EU Aid for Sahrawis
COLOMBIA: Devaluation Fuels Inflation
INDIA: Journalists Attacked by SP Leader in Uttar Pradesh
INDONESIA: Combats Corruption Problem
IRAN: Awards Officials for Nuclear Deal
ISRAEL: Major Gas Deal Announced
KAZAKHSTAN: Changes Military’s Marching Style
MEXICO: Migrant Remittances Flooding Economy
Nepal: Former PM Shushil Koirala Dies
SENEGAL: Upgrades Security Following Recent Attacks
TURKEY: Ambassador to Return to the Vatican
TURKEY: Migrants Cross Into Turkey Following Bombing


ZIMBABWE: Government Call for Fight against Corruption

BRAZIL: Saliva and Urine Capable of Transmitting Zika Virus
CHINA: Denounces US-South Korea THAAD Agreement
GERMANY: Police Raids Search for Daesh Members
INDIA: Trial Exposes Pakistani Terrorist Role
NIGERIA: UN Condemns Boko Haram Attacks
PALESTINE: Prisoners Denied Basic Needs in Israeli Jails
TAJIKISTAN: Russian Troops Reduced
THAILAND: Plans to Stop Tax Evasion

Issue 248-Published 3 February 2016

BRAZIL: Plans to Boost Economy
BURUNDI: AU Will Not Deploy Peacekeepers
ETHIOPIA: Japan and Ireland Pledge Drought-Relief Funds
JAPAN: Preparing for North Korean Missile
JORDAN: Meets with Yemeni Foreign Minister
KAZAKHSTAN: Prominent Businessman Arrested
MALAYSIA: Suspected Smuggling Boat Intercepted
MOROCCO: Expels Spanish Delegation from Western Sahara
PAKISTAN: Court Finally Hears Centuries Old Case
RUSSIA: Factory Fire in Moscow
SOMALIA: Orders End of Kenyan Airstrikes
SPAIN: Christina Bourbon On Trial For Tax Fraud

BRAZIL: Fumigates Olympic Venue as Fears Mount Over Zika
CHINA: Ramps Up South China Sea Rhetoric
INDIA: Courts Hear Pleas For and Against Homosexual Ban
NIGERIA: Requests $3.5 Billion in International Loans
PHILIPPINES: President Vows Justice on Anniversary of Mamasapano Encounter
SAUDI ARABIA: Potential Deal to Decrease Oil Output
TURKEY: Turkish Airspace Violated by Russian Jet
TURKMENISTAN: Held Talks with Russia on Trade and Security

Issue 247-Published 27 Janurary 2016

ALGERIA: President Replaces Main Intelligence Service
BURUNDI: UN and African Union Officials Met
COLOMBIA: FARC and Colombian Government Announce Peace Deal
GERMANY: Suspected Syrian Jihadist Arrested in Germany
INDONESIA: Survey Results Show Indonesian Rejection of IS
ISRAEL: One Wounded in Shooting Attack
KYRGYZSTAN: Hydropower Deal with Russia Scrapped
MOZAMBIQUE: Thousands Flee Escalating Conflict
PAKISTAN: Creates Halal Authority
SYRIA: Bombing Results in Three Dead
TAIWAN: Record Blizzard Kills, Strands Thousands

ARGENTINA: Macri Builds Better Relations with Alliance Countries
INDIA: Bomb Threat Grounds Flight to Kathmandu
JAPAN: Announces Probable Trilateral Military Conference
KAZAKHSTAN: Nazarbayev Calls for Snap Election
NIGERIA: Considers Reclaiming Shell Oil Bloc
POLAND: Poles Protest Surveillance Laws
THAILAND: Confirmed Investigation of Alleged Daesh Movement
YEMEN: UN Applies Pressure to Make Aid Available as Civil War Stalls

Issue 246-Published 3 December 2015

ARGENTINA: Opposition Wins Presidential Election
BAHRAIN: Proposes Regional Center for Climate Change Fund
CHINA: Yuan Added to IMF’s Reserves
DJIBOUTI: China to Build Military Outpost
GREECE: Requests Debt Relief Deal
INDIA: Quickly Becoming the World’s Largest Economy
KENYA: Terror Suspects Arrested
PHILIPPINES: Air Force Returns to Supersonic Age
QATAR: Indian Fatalities in World Cup Construction
SPAIN: Current Polls Suggest No Parliamentary Majority Winner
TAJIKISTAN: Amends Constitution to Allow Internet Blockages
TUNISIA: Border with Libya Closed

INDONESIA: Terror Suspects under Surveillance
ISRAEL: Agreement with Jordan for ‘Red-Dead’ Canal
KAZAKHSTAN: Assists in Development of China-Europe Trade
NIGERIA: Airports Vulnerable to Terrorists
NORWAY: Protests over Government Inaction
SOUTH KOREA: National Assembly Passes FTA with China
VENEZUELA: Opposition Leader Assassinated
WESTERN SAHARA: Progress Toward Independence Continues


Issue 245-Published 17 November 2015


BAHRAIN: Terrorists Sentenced to Death
BURUNDI: Attacks in Capital
DENMARK: Asylum Policy Changes
EGYPT: Migrants Killed at Israeli Border
GREECE: Refuses Military Support to France
INDIA: Energy Deal Signed
KAZAKHSTAN: UAE Invited for Military Drills
MEXICO: Human Rights Group Criticizes Prosecutors
MOZAMBIQUE: Renamo Forces School Closures
MYANMAR: President Emphasizes Importance of Elections
NORWAY: Police Directorate Armament
QATAR: Not in Danger from ISIS, Experts Say
SOUTH AFRICA: Signs Nuclear Deal with China

FRANCE: Possible NATO Article 5 Request
INDIA: Plans to Alter Policy on Terrorism
ISRAEL: Demolition of HaShachar Synagogue
JAPAN: Former Leader Calls for Dissolution of DPJ Party
MALAYSIA: Cautiously Denounces China
NIGERIA: ICC Charges Military and Boko Haram
TUNISIA: Efforts Against Militant Islamists Escalate
TURKMENISTAN: President Met with Senior Chinese Leaders
VENEZUELA: Presidential Relatives Arrested For Drug Trafficking


Issue 244-Published 10 November 2015

ANGOLA: Entrepreneurship Agency Opens
BURUNDI: Genocide Fears Increasing
BRAZIL: Dam Ruptures North of Rio
CAMEROON: $1 Billion Deal with French Signed
DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: New Offensives Against Armed Groups
EGYPT: Investigative Journalist Arrested
EGYPT: Russian Plane Crash Harms Economy
INDIA: Koh-I-Noor Diamond Requested From England
MYANMAR: Holds Free Elections
NORWAY: Deportation of Afghan Migrants Threatened
SAUDI ARABIA: Arab-South American Summit Begins
TURKEY: Syrian Issues to be Discussed at G20
TURKMENISTAN: Construction of TAPI Pipeline Approved

ARGENTINA: Police Search for El Chapo
AUSTRALIA: Control of Offshore Detention Center Restored
GREECE: Bailout Resolution Deadline Announced
INDIA: Bihar Election Results
NIGERIA: Potential Major Oil Reserve Discovered
TAJIKISTAN: Leaders Meet with Secretary of State
VIETNAM: Welcomes China’s President Despite Disputes
WESTERN SAHARA: International Support for Independence Grows


Issue 243- Published 03 November 2015

ALGERIA: Hosts Three-Way Meeting on Libya
BAHRAIN: Construction of British Naval Base Begins
FRANCE: Climate Action Agreement with China
JAPAN: U.S Offers Help in Sino-Japan Relationship
KYRGYZSTAN: Holds Talks with U.S. Secretary of State
MEXICO: Sightings of Near-extinct Porpoise
MOROCCO: Local Business Climate Improved
MYANMAR: Thousands Rally Around NLD
PAKISTAN: Jihadists Operate in Quake-Hit Areas
RWANDA: President May Rule Until 2034
UGANDA: Chinese Fish Farm Deal Faces Scrutiny
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Troops to Enter Yemen  

ALGERIA: New Economic and Social Union Created
INDIA: Fiery Exchange Along the LOC
KAZAKHSTAN: Economic Cooperation Discussed with Japan
MEXICO: Police Allegedly Shoot Demonstrators
MONGOLIA: Cooperation Agreement with Belarus Confirmed
NIGERIA: Economic Woes Push Naira Devaluation
NORWAY: Supports India Bids for Membership
PHILIPPINES: Wins Initial Legal Battle against China
SAUDI ARABIA: Prince Arrested for Drug Smuggling  

Issue 242- Published 27 October 2015

AUSTRALIA: Queensland Offers Syrians Refuge
CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE: Referendum Pushes Third Term
EGYPT: Will Acquire French Ships in 2016
ETHIOPIA: Chinese-Built Railway Nears Completion
FRANCE: Interior Minister Promises Aid to Calais
INDONESIA: Announces it Will Join TPP
LEBANON: Terrorist Suspect Arrested
LIBYA: 40 Bodies Washed Ashore
MEXICO: Drugs Discovered In Stuffed Animal
QATAR: Military Intervention in Syria Threatened
RUSSIA: Members of Terrorist Organization Detained
SOUTH KOREA: Trilateral Meeting Reinstated
TURKMENISTAN: Economic Deal Signed with Japan

ALGERIA: Supports Western Saharan Independence
ARGENTINA: Presidential Election Runoff Announced
CHINA: Convenes Council for Five Year Plan
GREECE:  French Presidential Visit
INDIA: Dalit Family Attacked by Arsonists
KAZAKHSTAN: President Warns of Economic Crisis
NIGERIA: Boko Haram Threatens Water Supply
SAUDI ARABIA: Dispute Over Execution
VIETNAM: Coal-Fired Power Plant Completed

Issue 241- Published 20 October 2015

BAHRAIN: Cabinet Condemns Terrorist Attack in Saudi Arabia
FRANCE: Tightens Security on Public Transit Network
INDIA: Rerouting Fuel Supplies to Nepal
JAPAN: Politicians Visit Controversial Shrine
MOROCCO: Receives Seeds from “Doomsday” Vault
NEPAL: Violent Protests Break Out
QATAR: Looks to Expand Cuban Healthcare
SOUTH SUDAN: Is Israel Arms Dealing?
SPAIN: Agreement with US on Hydrogen Bomb Clean Up
UGANDA: Spy Program Leaked
UZBEKISTAN: German Troops Withdrawing from Airbase
VENEZUELA: OPEC’s Price War Addressed  

ALGERIA: Partners With China on Vehicle Assembly Plant
BRAZIL: President Attacks Opposition
CHINA: Gates Foundation Initiative Accepted
INDONESIA: Extremists Burn Church in North Sumatra
ISRAEL: Palestinian Protest in Berlin
KAZAKHSTAN: Reassures Russia of its Loyalty
NIGERIA: Biafra Separatist Leader Arrested
PAKISTAN: Bus Explodes in Quetta
RUSSIA: Officials Admit Deceit in Previous Statements

Issue 240- Published 05 October 2015

BAHRAIN: Relations with Britain Reviewed
INDIA: Dengue Fever
KENYA: UN Workers Linked to Terrorism
MALAWI: Fake Pesticides Compound Food Shortage
NORTH KOREA: South Korean Student Released
NORTH KOREA: Cancelation of Reunifications Threatened
QATAR: UN Deadline Missed
RUSSIA: Minsk Accord Threatened
TUNISIA: Anti-ISIS Coalition Joined  

AUSTRALIA: Multi Partner Trade Deal Signed
EGYPT: Supporting Russia Could Affect Relations
GUATEMALA: Death Toll Rises after Landslide   I
NDIA: Reopens Border with Nepal
ISRAEL: Consequences of New Open-Fire Regulations
JAPAN: To Advance UN Peacekeeping
KAZAKHSTAN: Oil Production Cut
MYANMAR: Lawsuit Accuses Government of Genocide
NIGERIA: Boko Haram Claims Responsibility for Abuja Bombs
RUSSIA: Assad Claims Russia Support Essential

Issue 239 - Published 29 September 2015

BAHRAIN: Energy Sector Expansion
CONGO-BRAZZAVILLE: Demonstration Against “Constitutional Coup”
CUBA: End to Child Labor Pledged
EGYPT: Eid al-Adha Attacks Thwarted  
FRANCE: Conducts Airstrike Against Islamic State
JAPAN: Territorial Negotiations with Russia Recommence
KAZAKHSTAN: Joint Military Drills Conducted With Turkey
LEBANON: Car Bomb Suspect Sent for Questioning
MALAWI: Massive Food Shortage  
MEXICO: March for Anniversary of Disappearance
NORWAY: Possible Joint Submarine Operation with Poland
VIETNAM: Sovereignty Over Disputed Islands Declared

ARGENTINA: 30 Kilograms of Cocaine-infused Rice Seized
CHINA: Xi’s UN Address Promises International Action
EGYPT: Draft Resolution Created
INDONESIA: Plans to Acquire Russian Submarines
ISRAEL: New Open-Fire Regulations  
KAZAKHSTAN: New Economic Focus
NIGERIA: Stolen Crude Oil Intercepted
PAKISTAN: UN Secretary General Urges Peace Talks
RUSSIA: Putin Takes Different Approach with Islamic State