Issue 284-Published 21 April 2017

TURKEY: Constitutional Referendum Alters Government Structure

FRANCE: Authorities Thwart Election Attack
PAKISTAN: Plans Fence along Afghan Border
RUSSIA: Bombers Intercepted by US near Alaska
UNITED STATES: Exxon Requests Approval to Resume Venture with Rosneft

AUSTRALIA: US Marines Deploy to Northern Australia
CHINA: CCP to Require New Information from Officials
GREAT BRITAIN: Prime Minister Announces Earlier General Election
MONTENEGRO: Accession to NATO Confirmed by US
SOMALIA: US to Train Somali Army
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Strengthens Diplomatic Ties with Brazil

Issue 283-Published 14 April 2017

FRANCE: ETA Militants Surrender Arms
KAZAKHSTAN: Reclaims Russian Military Test Site
NEW ZEALAND: Running Out of Room for Emergency Housing
NIGERIA: Receives Chinese Loan to Boost Agriculture
ZAMBIA: Opposition Leader Detained

AUSTRALIA: Muslim Critic Cancels Tour
CHINA: Upcoming Summit for One Belt, One Road Initiative
GERMANY: Explosion Postpones Soccer Match
IRAQ: Food Crisis Worsens
NORTH KOREA: Threatens War with US
RUSSIA: May Halt Flights to Turkey
SUDAN: Conducts Joint Military Drill with Saudi Arabia

Issue 282-Published 7 April 2017

FRANCE: Calls for Emergency UN Security Council Meeting
NEW ZEALAND: Professor Voices Support of Free Speech
SOUTH KOREA: Intel Reports North Korean Missile Launch into Sea
SYRIA: Chemical Attack on Idlib
UKRAINE: Signs Defense Agreement with Canada
UNITED KINGDOM: Brexit Negotiations Guidelines to Require Gibraltar Agreement
UNITED STATES: Administration Says Syrian Regime Not Feasible
UNITED STATES: Canadian Charged with Violating Export Control Regulations

EGYPT: President el-Sisi Visits Washington to Request US Aid
GERMANY: Military Creates Cyber Command
INDIA: Cutting Back on Iranian Oil Imports
ISRAEL: Hamas Signals Preparation for Compromise
KUWAIT: Closes Oldest Oil Refinery
PHILIPPINES: Talks to Be Held on South China Sea
RUSSIA: Asserts Arctic Claims During Forum
VENEZUELA: President Accuses MERCOSUR of Undue Internal Interference

Issue 281-Published 3 April 2017

UZBEKISTAN: Seeks to Diversify Trading Partners

BENIN: Constitutional Reform Spurs Defense Minister’s Resignation
RUSSIA: Daesh Claims Chechnya Attack
RUSSIA: Putin Visits Arctic Base
SINGAPORE: US Approves Blogger’s Asylum Request
UNITED KINGDOM: Officially Begins Brexit Process

BELARUS: Opposition Leader Released from Prison
CHILE: Court Convicts Former Pinochet Officials
CHINA: Investing in Fledgling US Technology Companies
NORTHERN IRELAND: Parties Remain Divided
SAUDI ARABIA: Riyadh Cuts Oil Producers’ Taxes
SOUTH SUDAN: Aid Workers Killed

Issue 280-Published 24 March 2017

JAPAN: Diet Proposes Special Law for Abdication of Emperor
KENYA: Tanzania Sending Doctors to Alleviate Doctor Shortage
TURKEY: Sales Talks for Russian S-400 Systems Progressing
UKRAINE: Will Develop New Multi-Role Fighter

ARGENTINA: New Trade and Investment Memorandum Announced
AUSTRALIA: Great Barrier Reef at Risk
AUSTRALIA: Tesla VP Proposes Australian Battery Farm
GERMANY: Thousands Rally to Support the EU
JAPAN: Prime Minister Calls for Economic Deal with EU
NIGERIA: Suicide Bomb Attack Kills Four
RUSSIA: Held Foreign Policy Talks with Japan
TURKEY: Political Tensions with Europe Surge
YEMEN: Refugees Killed While Fleeing

Issue 279-Published 10 March 2017

AFGHANISTAN: Military Hospital Attacked
CANADA: Government Prepares for Increase in Asylum-Seekers
CHINA: Creates Economic Development Plan

CHINA: Telecom Company Fined For Export Control Violations
ICELAND: Announces Equal Pay Legislation
KAZAKHSTAN: Constitutional Reform Passes Parliament
KOSOVO: Moves to Establish National Army
ZAMBIA: Eight Killed in Stampede for Free Food

AUSTRALIA: Western Australia to hold State Election
COLOMBIA: Bomb Attack Claimed by ELN
FRANCE: Citizens Nervous Ahead of Presidential Election
MALAYSIA: Places Travel Ban on North Koreans
SAUDI ARABIA: King Cancels Lebanon Visit
SOMALIA: UN Calls for $825 Million in Aid
UKRAINE: New Agreement with IMF
YEMEN: US Ramps up Airstrikes

Issue 278-Published 3 March 2017

CHINA: Beijing Faces Difficulties Regarding Koreas

JAPAN: Emperor Visits Vietnam
KYRGYZSTAN: Protests Follow Arrest of Opposition Leader
NIGERIA: 41 Trafficked Girls Rescued
RUSSIA: Vetoes UN Syrian Sanctions Resolution
SOUTH KOREA: Reports North Korean Spies Killed Kim Jong Nam
SOUTH SUDAN: Thousands Take Refuge in Swampland
VANUATU: Increases Action against Sex Crimes

CUBA: Denies Diplomats Entry, Increasing Tensions
EGYPT: Expels Opposition Leader from Parliament
GREAT BRITAIN: MEP Urges Continued British Security Cooperation
ISRAEL: Appoints Conservatives to Supreme Court
MEXICO: Sinaloa Cartel Power Struggle Continues
MOROCCO: Troops Withdraw from Western Sahara Buffer Zone
RUSSIA: Reveals Military Information Operations Unit

Issue 277-Published 24 February 2017

CHINA: Suspends North Korean Coal Imports
GUINEA: Students Killed in Protests
ISRAEL: Rockets Fired into Southern Region
RUSSIA: Delivery of Military Helicopters to India
TONGA: Tonga's Queen Mother Dies

AUSTRALIA: Senate Passes Travel Expenses Crackdown
CANADA: US Refugee Influx
ISRAEL: Turns to Australia amid Diplomatic Isolation
NIGERIA: Bombing Signals New Life for Boko Haram
PORTUGAL: Ex- CIA Operative to be Extradited to Italy
RUSSIA: Will Develop Fifth-Generation Fighter with UAE
SOUTH SUDAN: Famine Declared Due to Conflict
SYRIA: Peace Talks in Jeopardy

Issue 276-Published 17 February 2017

NEW ZEALAND: Government Makes Obtaining Medical Marijuana Easier
NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-un’s Brother Killed in Malaysia
RUSSIA: Lawmakers Defend Michael Flynn
TANZANIA: Schools Kick Out Pregnant Girls
UKRAINE: Faces Coal Shortage
UNITED STATES: Blacklists Venezuelan Vice President
UNITED STATES: General Urges Greater Troop Deployment to Afghanistan

AFGHANISTAN: Russia Hosts International Meeting on Afghan Future
ARMENIA: Moves to Expel Belarus from CSTO
IRAN: President Visits Gulf States
NORTH KOREA: Missile Advancements Pose Security Risks
ROMANIA: Protests Continue Over Controversial Corruption Law
SOMALILAND: Allows Creation of UAE Naval Base
TURKEY: Hundreds Detained Over Militia Connections

Issue 275-Published 10 February 2017

AFGHANISTAN: Suicide Bomb Attack at Supreme Court
ANTARCTICA: Scientific Climate Change Study Underway
CHINA: Sails Near Disputed Islands
DENMARK: Official Offers Millions to US Abortion Groups
GEORGIA: Visa-Free Travel to EU
ISRAEL: Legalized Settler Homes Built in West Bank
MALI: Sahel Countries Form Counter-Terrorism Force
TURKEY: Suspected Islamic State Members Detained

BAHRAIN: Bomb Explodes in Manama
GERMANY: Disapproves of Trump Administration’s Remarks
IRAN: US Sanctions Imposed Following Missile Test
IRAQ: Government Faces New Challenges in Mosul
NEW ZEALAND: Housing Prices Threaten Economic Growth
SAUDI ARABIA: Houthi Missile Strikes Outside Riyadh
SOMALIA: UN Warns Against Famine
TAIWAN: Upgrading Missile Capabilities
UKRAINE: Separatists Launch New Offensive
VENEZUELA: Russia Extends Investment and Aid

Issue 274-Published 3 February 2017

AUSTRALIA: PM Clarifies US Travel Ban Restrictions
BELARUS: Will Donate Military Equipment to Serbia
CANADA: Names Ambassador to EU and Germany
IRAN: Tests Ballistic Missile
MONGOLIA: Thousands Protest Government Handling of Pollution
NIGERIA: Two Die in Mosque Suicide Bombing
SOUTH KOREA: Boosts Defense against North Korea
SWITZERLAND: UNICEF Appeals for US Funding

COLOMBIA: Farmers to Destroy Illegal Crops for Subsidies
EUROPE: Four Nations Increase Train Security
IRAN: Central Bank to Replace US Dollar
ISRAEL: Renewed Hopes for US Relations
KAZAKHSTAN: More Power Given to Parliament
NEW ZEALAND: Embassy Lobbies for Business Visas
SOMALIA: Al-Shabab Attacks Kenyan AMISOM Base
TAIWAN: Trump Administration Threatens One China Policy

Issue 273-Published 27 January 2017

CHINA: Warns US over South China Sea
FIJI: Sugar Cane Farmers Struggling
GREECE: Court to Rule on Fate of Turkish Officers
INDONESIA: Police Question Deported Nationals
RUSSIA: Former Kaspersky Lab Manager Charged with Treason
RUSSIA: May Decriminalize Forms of Domestic Violence
SOUTH SUDAN: UN Urges for More Peacekeeping Troops
UKRAINE: Missile Components Headed to Iran Seized

AUSTRALIA: Turnbull Tries to Salvage TPP
GAMBIA: President Barrow Returns
HONDURAS: Police Reform Policy Extended
LEBANON: Suicide Bomb Plot Foiled

PAKISTAN: Taliban Attacks Market
RUSSIA: Naval Base to be Built in Syria
SYRIA: US Carries Out Airstrike Against al-Qaeda
TAIWAN: China Artificially Reduces Tourism
UNITED KINGDOM: Court Ruling Could Delay Brexit
ZIMBABWE: Capital’s Infrastructure in Disarray

Issue 272-Published 20 January 2017

AUSTRALIA: Islamic School Appeals Funding Cut
CHINA: Government Removing Japanese Chemical Weapons
KYRGYZSTAN: Prime Minister Appoints Plane Crash Commission
NIGERIA: Refugee Camp Bombed By Military
SYRIA: World Food Program Halts Aid Drops


AUSTRALIA: Robot Set to Maximize Retail Efficiency
BAHRAIN: Fiery Protests Follow Executions
CHINA: Government Predicted to Target 6.5 Percent Growth
CHINA: President Delivers Powerful Defense of Globalization
COLOMBIA: Hostage Return Initiates Peace Talks
IVORY COAST: Mutinous Soldiers Receive Bonuses from Government

LITHUANIA: Fence Planned on Russian Border
SOUTH SUDAN: Needs Trusteeship to Avert Genocide
UNITED KINGDOM: Northern Ireland to Hold Snap Election
UKRAINE: Power Outages Caused by Hackers

Issue 271-Published 9 December 2016

GHANA: Fraudulent US Embassy Shut Down
ITALY: Prime Minister Resigns After Failed Referendum
NEW ZEALAND: Prime Minister Resigns
SINGAPORE: Singtel Fibre Broadband Experiences Island-Wide Outage
UNITED STATES: Administration Shuts Down Dakota Access Pipeline

AUSTRALIA: Emissions Intensity Scheme Divides Political Parties
BRAZIL: Removal of Senator Sparks Political Effects
FRANCE: Hollande not Seeking Reelection
JAPAN: Abe Releases Plans to Visit Pearl Harbor
NIGERIA: Nigeria Warplanes Supplied by Russia and Pakistan
SYRIA: Government Detains Citizens Fleeing Aleppo
YEMEN: Pro-Hadi Forces Take Shabwah

Issue 270-Published 2 December 2016

AUSTRALIA: Woman Named Chief Justice
CUBA: Cubans Mourn Castro’s Death
ITALY: Explosion at Bologna Police Station
TURKEY: Law Enforcement Detain Reporters
UNITED STATES: Dakota Pipeline Protestors Refuse Government Order

CAMEROON: Army Receives French Support Against Boko Haram
GERMANY: Officials Concerned Over Possible Russian Hack
MALAYSIA: Electoral Reform Activist Released From Detention
MEXICO: 50 Arrested in Joint Operation
SINGAPORE: Military Equipment Seized in Hong Kong

Issue 269-Published 18 November 2016

AUSTRALIA: US Agrees to Accept Detained Refugees
CANADA: Class Action Suit Against Hacked Casino
PAKISTAN: Paris Climate Accord Ratified
TURKEY: Officials Issue US-Bound Travel Warning

CHINA: State Grid Corporation to Pursue Export Markets
COLOMBIA: FARC Deal “Definitive”
FRANCE: Former Economy Minister Runs for President
NIGERIA: Government Passes Stricter Terrorism Legislation
OMAN: Sultan Meets with Secretary of State Kerry
SINGAPORE: Parliament Approves Constitutional Amendment Bill

Issue 268-Published 10 November 2016

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban Requests Withdrawal of Troops
RUSSIA: Duma Applauds Clinton’s Concession Speech
RUSSIA: Putin Sends Trump Congratulatory Telegram
THAILAND: Court Dismisses Charges Against British Activist
THAILAND: Rice Committee Announces Loans

BRAZIL: Federal Government Freezes Rio Accounts
JAPAN: Prime Minister Announces Aid Program to Myanmar
SOUTH SUDAN: Kenya Withdraws Peacekeeping Troops
SPAIN: ISIS Recruiters Arrested
YEMEN: Hadi Rejects Peace Deal

Issue 267-Published 4 November 2016

CANADA: Opposed Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty
INDIA: Face Off with Chinese Troops
SOUTH KOREA: Intelligence Sharing Talks to Be Resumed

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Militia Clashes Kill Civilians and UN Peacekeepers
ICELAND: Independence Party Wins Election
LEBANON: President Elected
PAKISTAN: Corruption Probe Ordered Against Sharif
SOLOMON ISLANDS: Threatened by Indonesia
SYRIA: Rebels Launch Counteroffensive
UKRAINE: Hackers Release Putin Advisor’s Emails
VENEZUELA: Truce Shatters

Issue 266-Published 28 October 2016

PHILIPPINES: Duterte Threatens Separation from US

CHINA: Explosion in Shaanxi Province
SYRIA: Truce Expires Without Evacuations

AFGHANISTAN: Militant Attack in Ghor Province
COLOMBIA: ELN’s Hostage Ultimatum
ETHIOPIA: Departure from Somalia Enables Al-Shabaab Expansion
GREECE: EU Grants Bailout
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Energy Reforms Underway

Issue 265-Published 21 October 2016

CANADA: Federal Mortgage Rules in Effect
COLOMBIA: ELN Member Killed Before Peace Talks
GERMANY: Explosion at Chemical Company
INDIA: BSF Fires at Pakistani Rangers
INDIA: Government Raids Terrorist Hideouts
JAPAN: Cable Fire Results in Widespread Blackouts
JAPAN: Negotiations Begin to Expand Base in Djibouti
NORTH KOREA: Missile Test Failed
SINGAPORE: Airport Expansion to be Completed
SYRIA: Russia Announces Pause in Airstrikes
THAILAND: King Dies after 70-Year Reign
UKRAINE: Warlord Killed in Bombing
UNITED KINGDOM: Considers New Economic Sanctions
YEMEN: 72 Hour Truce to Begin

BURUNDI: President Signs off on Withdrawal from ICC
GERMANY: Merkel Pushes to Increase Military Spending
KUWAIT: Emir Dissolves Parliament
IRAQ: Attempts to Retake Mosul
VENEZUELA: Court Helps Maduro Fight Impeachment Referendum

Issue 264-Published 14 October 2016

YEMEN: Houthis Attack USS Mason

CANADA: Prime Minister Denies Increase of Federal Minimum Wage
GERMANY: Bank Given Special Treatment in EU Stress Test
HAITI: UN Appeals for Millions in Aid
THAILAND: King in Unstable Condition after Treatment
UNITED KINGDOM: Pound Reaches New Low

BRAZIL: Rio Security Chief Resigns
CHINA: President Raises Possibility of Indian Accession to NSG
FRANCE: Approved Creation of National Guard
GUAM: Waterworks Authority Moves to Purify Water
SOUTH SUDAN: Leans Toward Civil War
THAILAND: Government Deports Hong Kong Democracy Activist

Issue 263-Published 7 October 2016


INDIA: Unemployment Rate Reaches Five Year High
JAPAN: Contract Approved for Olympic Stadium
PHILIPPINES: Duterte Approves Rice Assistance Measure

BELGIUM: False Bomb Threat Followed by Stabbing
CHINA: Citizens View U.S. as Primary Threat
COLOMBIA: Historic Peace Agreement Rejected by Popular Vote
EUROPEAN UNION: Paris Accords Set to Take Effect
UGANDA: Police Arrest Opposition Leader
UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Military Vessel Attacked

Issue 262-Published 30 September 2016


CHINA: Beijing Tests Air Raid Sirens
INDIA: Plans Boycott of South Asia Summit
INDONESIA: Tax Amnesty Program Gains Traction
IRAN: Ahmadinejad Drops Presidential Campaign
ISRAEL: Shimon Peres Dies


BRAZIL: Curfew Imposed Following Death of Drug Trafficker
COOK ISLANDS: Land Court Enforcing Housing Rules
IRAN: President Desires Greater Access to CPEC
IRAQ: ISIS Targeting Badr Organization
MALAWI: Mining Companies Accused of Human Rights Violations
RUSSIA: Releases New Data in MH17 Case
SWITZERLAND: Citizens Allow Government Wiretapping

Issue 261-Published 23 September 2016

JAPAN: Economy Minister Met with EU Officials
KYRGYZSTAN: Conducts Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercise
PAKISTAN: Train Collision Injures Dozens
RUSSIA: Names New Spy Chief
RUSSIA: United Russia Party Won Parliamentary Election
SYRIA: Syrian Military Declares End to Ceasefire
SYRIA: US Spokesman Responds to Ceasefire Termination

AUSTRALIA: New Refugee Intake Sparks Fears of ISIS Intrusion
DR CONGO: Spreading Unrest
GABON: Possible Strain with African Union
GREECE: Tourism Boom Aids Economy
HONDURAS: Government Attempts to Regain Control of Prisons
INDIA: Militants Attack Indian Army Camp
SAUDI ARABIA: Terrorist Cells Arrested

Issue 260-Published 16 September 2016


AFGHANISTAN: President to Meet With Indian Prime Minister
COLOMBIA: ELN Declares “Armed Strike”
JAPAN: Missile Detection Capabilities Tested By North Korea
NEW ZEALAND: Businesses Suffer PayPal Payment Delays
SWEDEN: Advised to Join NATO
YEMEN: Airstrikes Continue to Concern UN
ZAMBIA: New President Inaugurated

NEW ZEALAND: District Council Posts Large Budget Surplus
NORTH KOREA: International Aid Requested After Record Flood
PHILLIPPINES: Unemployment Reaches 10-Year Low

Issue 259-Published 9 September 2016


AUSTRALIA: Senator Mired by Chinese Donation Scandal
BRAZIL: Rousseff’s Impeachment Leads to Regional Tension
EUROPEAN UNION: Plans for an EU Army
INDIA: ISRO Acquires New Satellite Launch Deal
NIGERIA: Niger Delta Conflict Could Worsen National Recession
RUSSIA: Independent Pollster Blacklisted by Government
SAUDI ARABIA: Possible British Arms Ban
UZBEKISTAN: President’s Death Creates Succession Dilemma