Issue 310-Published 27 April 2018


ARMENIA: Protests Lead to Prime Minister’s Resignation and Democratic Progress
FRANCE: Macron Rebukes Nationalism in Address to US Congress
GERMANY: Playing in Great Power Politics, Military to Increase Spending
 INDIA: Resistance to China’s One Belt One Road Initiative Likely to Continue
SOUTH EAST ASIA: Data Protection Regulations a Potential Threat for Companies
SOUTH AFRICA: Union Strikes May Result in Government Cooperation
YEMEN: Death of Houthi Political Leader Likely to Perpetuate Conflict


Issue 309-Published 20 April 2018


PANAMA: Government Acts Against Venezuela’s Maduro, Warning Against Reelection
MALI: Terrorist Attack on French and UN Bases Tests Peacekeepers’ Resolve
SLOVENIA: Pahor Announces Early Elections, Difficulties Likely to Follow
TECH: Asian Android Users Targeted in Malware Attack
EU: Despite Contrary Rhetoric, the EU May Overlook Turkey’s Flaws for Membership
TURKEY: President Moves Up Elections, Increasing His Chances of Success


Issue 308-Published 13 April 2018


ASEAN: Increasing Cooperation with UN Could Drive Social Improvements
CHINA: Beijing’s Growing Influence in South Asia Likely to Counter US and India
EUROPE: Airline Strikes Create Further Problems for Travelers and Governments
JAPAN: Fearing an Attack by China or North Korea Tokyo Activates Marine Force
SOMALIA: Seizure of UAE Money Could End Diplomatic Relationship
SYRIA: Chemical Weapons Ban Enforcement Group to Investigate Their Alleged Use
UKRAINE: Kiev to Increase Sanctions Against Russia, Following the US’s Lead


Issue 307-Published 6 April 2018


CHINA: Xi Jinping Reaffirms Support for Zimbabwe
EGYPT: El-Sisi Supporters Seek to Consolidate Power Through Term-Extensions
FRANCE: Rebuking Macron’s Policies, Labor Strikes Disrupt Transportation Network
MEXICO: Migrant Issue Provides Political Opportunities in Upcoming Election
PALESTINE: Killing of Protestors May Result in Charges Against Israel
POLAND: Missile Deal with US Strengthens Defense Against Russia


Issue 306-Published 30 March 2018


RUSSIA: Expulsion of Russian Diplomats May Not Alter Moscow’s Behavior


 IRAN: Leaders’ Persian New Year Speeches Glimpse at Economic Change
 JAPAN: Newly Formed Military Sectors Offer Increased Offensive Capabilities    
 MYANMAR: General Continues Stand Against Minority Ethnic Groups
PERU: Vizcarra Sworn in as President, Possibly Breaking the Trend of Corruption
SAUDI ARABIA: Houthis Launch More Missiles, Indicating Increased Chances for War
SIERRA LEONE: Opposition to Runoff Results Could Disrupt Peaceful Elections
SUDAN: Russia to Build Nuclear Power Plants, Thereby Increasing Its Influence


Issue 305-Published 23 March 2018


 CHINA: Xi’s New Cabinet Likely to Spearhead a Resurgence of Chinese Power


AFRICAN UNION: Nigeria, Among Others, Does Not Sign Free Trade Agreement
NIGERIA: Security Forces Ignored Warnings of Boko Haram Attacks
SLOVAKIA: Protests Result in Replacement of Interior Minister
SOUTHEAST ASIA:  Chinese Investment Points to Rising Ecommerce Competition
TURKEY: Military Offensive May Yield Problematic Results
UNITED KINGDOM: Leaders Concede to EU Brexit Transition Period Terms


Issue 304-Published 09 March 2018

GERMANY: Parties Agree to Coalition Revealing Significant Shifting Political Power


BANGLADESH: Leaders Exchange Ideals to Enhance Cooperation
SOMALIA: African Leaders Urge Troop Withdrawal Delay for Fear of Lost Progress
RUSSIA: President Announces New Nuclear Capabilities Challenging NATO Security
TECH: Popular Coding Website Hit by Record DDoS with More Attacks Expected
TURKEY: Refugee Camps in Syria Likely to Extend Conflict


Issue 303-Published 02 March 2018


CHINA: Beijing to Extend Presidential Term Limit, How Long Remains Unclear
ITALY: Frustration with Government Likely to Lead to Far-Right Political Gains
JORDAN: Cabinet Reorganization Unlikely to Appease Protesters
NIGERIA: Abuja Will Likely Not Improve Security Amid Waning School Attendance
PHILIPPINES: Government Seemingly Open to UN Human Rights Probe
RUSSIA: Naval Ships Deploy to Black Sea Amid Rising Tensions


Issue 302-Published 23 February 2018


CHINA: Xi Unlikely to Back New, Multilateral Infrastructure Initiative  
ETHIOPIA: Citizens Protest State of Emergency
GERMANY: Party Members Begin Voting on Coalition
INDONESIA: Government Implements Massive Censorship System
IRAN: UNSC Condemns Weapons Smuggling to Houthis
JAPAN: Tokyo Aims to De-escalate Kurils Through Diplomacy
UKRAINE: Protestors in Kyiv Demand Impeachment of President


Issue 301-Published 16 February 2018


 SOUTH AFRICA: Ramaphosa Elected as New President


CHINA: Further Completion of BDS System Advances Chinese Capability
CUBA: Internet Expansion Efforts Could Undermine Cuban State-Run Media
HUNGARY: EU MEPs Call for Investigation of Business Practices
IRAN: Compulsory Hijab Report Could Spark Political Conflicts
IRAQ: Donor Conference Yields Little Progress
SOUTH SUDAN: Government Refuses Peace Plan, Halting Talks
UKRAINE: Saakashvili Deported to Poland Following Months of Unrest


Issue 300-Published 09 February 2018


COLOMBIA: Catholic Church Offers to Mediate Conflict
EQUATORIAL GUINEA: President Briefly Dissolves Government in Power Move
JAPAN: Tensions Build as Russia Militarizes Contested Kuril Islands
LEBANON: Military Disputes Israeli Border Wall Likely for Leverage
NATO: Baltic Concern Rises as Russia Installs Missiles in Kaliningrad
NETHERLANDS: Foreign Ministry Withdraws Ambassador to Turkey
PHILIPPINES: Duterte Continues Crackdown on Criminal Leaders
TECH: Cybercriminals Mining Cryptocurrency from Popular Sites and Ads


Issue 299-Published 02 February 2018


CAMEROON: Anglophone Crisis May Spread Further into Nigeria



BREXIT: EU Sets Strict Guidelines for Transition Period
CHINA: Xi’s CCP Amends Constitution Foreshadowing Third Term
PHILIPPINES: Mayon Volcano Threatens Thousands
RUSSIA: Syria Peace Talks End Early with Opposition Boycotts
TURKEY: Military to Expand Offensive in Northern Syria


Issue 298-Published 26 January 2018


AFRICAN UNION: Governments Agree to Launch Intra-African Travel Initiative
ARGENTINA: President Signs Deals Increasing Russian Investment
CHINA: President to Expand One Belt One Road Initiative
GERMANY: Social Democrats to Begin Coalition Negotiations
IRAQ: Upcoming Elections to Determine Iraq’s Path Forward                                                PAPUA NEW GUNIEA: Chinese Investment Prompts Australian Concern
RUSSIA: Kremlin to Increase Aid to Transnistria
TECH: Intel Advises Not to Download Exploit Patch
VIETNAM: Anti-Corruption Campaign Targets Economic Ministers


Issue 297-Published 19 January 2018


CHINA: Central Bank Announces Policy to Address Poverty
GERMANY: Government to Expand Terrorism Task Force
IRAQ: Suicide Bombings Kill More Than 40 in Baghdad
PAPUA NEW GUINEA: Volcanic Eruption Prompts Evacuations
PHILIPPINES: President Permits Chinese Research in the Philippine Sea
UKRAINE: CIA Attributes ‘NotPetya’ Attack to Russian Military



AUSTRIA: Protests Erupt Over Right-Wing Coalition
CHINA: President Increases Influence by Dismissing Military Leader
KOSOVO: Serbian Politician Killed in Northern Kosovo
MYANMAR: Rohingya Refugees to Return Despite Concerns
RUSSIA: Bombers Intercepted Near UK Airspace
TANZANIA: President Refuses to Extend Term Limits
TURKEY: Government Threatens to Attack Syrian Kurds


Issue 296-Published 1 December 2017


TAJIKISTAN: Presents CIS Presidency Priorities



AUSTRALIA: Man Arrested for Planning Terror Attack

BURKINA FASO: French President Begins West Africa Trip
DJIBOUTI: China Conducts Live-Fire Drills
GERMANY: Merkel Attempts to Form Coalition with SPD
IRAQ: Government Resumes Reparation Payments
IRELAND: Deputy Prime Minister Resigns
MALI: Election Delayed Following Continued Attacks
MOROCCO: HIV Infections Down 44 Percent
RUSSIA: Regulators to Stop Foreign Print Media Distribution
YEMEN: IS Attacks Security Forces



IRAN: IRGC Asserts Missile Capabilities
ISRAEL: Saudi-Israeli Relationship Publicized
PAKISTAN: Courts Order Release of Lashkar-e-Taiba Founder
ROMANIA: Thousands Protest Proposed Anti-Corruption Cut
RUSSIA: Government Provides Stipends for Family Building
SUDAN: President Strengthens Ties with Russia
VENEZUELA: Government Arrests Citgo Executives
YEMEN: UN Relief Ship Allowed Past Saudi Blockade
ZIMBABWE: Mnangagwa May Extradite Former Ethiopian Dictator


Issue 295-Published 17 November 2017

BAHRAIN: Oil Pipeline Explodes
CHINA: Advanced Wind Tunnel Under Construction
GERMANY: Confirms Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia and Egypt
IRAN: Earthquake Kills 500
RUSSIA: Legislation Targets Foreign Media
SOUTH AFRICA: Senior Officials Lack Security Clearances

ARGENTINA: Macri Sends Tax Reform Bill to Congress
CHINA: Signs Trade Deals with Vietnam
KENYA: Supreme Court Likely to Validate Election
RUSSIA: New Developments in Presidential Race
UNITED KINGDOM: Business Leaders Express Concern Over Brexit
YEMEN: Humanitarian Efforts Still Hindered

Issue 294-Published 10 November 2017

INDONESIA: Police Probe Anti-Corruption Committee
ITALY: Intercepts Opiate Shipment to IS
LEBANON: PM Resigns Amid Assassination Fears
LIBERIA: Investigation Delays Election
RUSSIA: Responds to Canadian Sanctions

INDIA: First Shipment Sent Through Iran Port
ITALY: Sicilian Election Furthers European Political Trends
NICARAGUA: Temporary Protection Status Terminated
SAUDI ARABIA: Prominent Leaders Arrested on Corruption Charges
UKRAINE: Teen Held in Russia Denied House Arrest
ZIMBABWE: Vice President Fired

Issue 293-Published 3 November 2017

AFGHANISTAN: Report Indicates Taliban Resurgence

BELGIUM: Arrests Prominent Terror Suspects
BRAZIL: Miners Torch Environmental Agency Offices
CHINA: Factories Closed Amid Antipollution Efforts
NAMIBIA: Government Project Provides Affordable Homes
TURKEY: Police Detain 143 Suspected IS Members
YEMEN: Humanitarian Disaster Continues

AZERBAIJAN: Claims to have Thwarted Terror Attack on Opposition
BAHRAIN: Calls for Freeze on Qatar’s GCC Membership
GERMANY: Struggles to Form Coalition Government
GHANA: Increase in Refugee Migration
IRAN: Russian Company Begins Construction of Nuclear Reactors

Issue 292-Published 27 October 2017

ETHIOPIA: US Envoy Meets with Senior African Officials
HUNGARY: Prime Minister Denounces EU Immigration Policy
IRAQ: Kurds Announce Ceasefire
KYRGYZSTAN: Will Annul Aid Package from Kazakhstan
RUSSIA: New Ransomware Strikes Businesses
UNITED KINGDOM: Former Commander Warns Against Military Reduction
VENEZUELA: 1.6 Million Venezuelans Voted Illegally

CHINA: CCP Enshrines Xi in Constitution
INDIA: Considers Withdrawal from Russian Fighter Program
IRAQ: Kurds Pushed Out of Kirkuk
ITALY: Northern Regions Vote to Expand Autonomy
RUSSIA: Donates Fighter Aircraft to Serbia
SAUDI ARABIA: Crown Prince Promotes Moderate Islam
SOMALIA: Plans Offensive Against al-Shabab

Issue 291-Published 20 October 2017

ARMENIA: Karabakh Talks Held with Azerbaijan
AUSTRIA: Right Wing Political Shift Appears Imminent
BRAZIL: Billionaires Face Corruption Charges
IRAQ: Government Forces Retake Kirkuk
SEYCHELLES: Plague Outbreak Spreading

CHINA: Economy Exceeds Market Forecasts
CUBA: Accusation of Acoustic Attacks and Growing Russian Relations
GERMANY: Local Election Results in a Setback for Merkel
IRAN: US Designates IRGC a Terrorist Organization
KYRGYZSTAN: Election Yields Peaceful Power Transfer
LIBERIA: Election Results Under Protest
PAKISTAN: PM Sides with Military in Political Dispute

Issue 290-Published 13 October 2017


DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Militants Attack UN Peacekeepers

CZECH REPUBLIC: Frontrunner for PM Charged with Fraud
GERMANY: Climate Protections Required for Parliamentary Coalition
INDIA: Fuel Dealers Hold Strike
IRAQ: Hundreds of IS Fighters Surrender
KENYA: Government Reacts Violently to Protestors
TURKMENISTAN: Reorganizes Legislative Bodies

CHINA: Anti-Corruption Statistics Released
LIBERIA: Holds First Elections in a Decade
NETHERLANDS: Forms Coalition Government
RUSSIA: Hackers Target NATO Soldiers’ Smartphones
TURKEY: Discusses Cooperative Action with Iran to Stifle Kurds

Issue 289-Published 6 October 2017


EGYPT: Population Growth Sparks Push for Contraceptives
HONG KONG: Protests Break Out During National Day
IRAQ: IS Releases Audio of Leader
KYRGYZSTAN: Competitive Presidential Election Enters Final Weeks

SPAIN: FC Barcelona Joins Referendum Protests
SYRIA: Terrorists Attack Damascus Police Station

CHINA: Xi Tightens Control as Senior Official is Removed
CUBA: Rise in Tensions Upon Diplomatic Expulsion
ETHIOPIA: Annual Festival Reignites Anti-Government Protests
GREAT BRITAIN: Monarch Airlines Collapses
INDIA: President Visits Africa on First Foreign Trip
IRAN: Influence Set to Increase Despite Qatar Boycott
RUSSIA: Pledges Cooperation with Turkmenistan

Issue 288-Published 29 September 2017

AUSTRALIA: Announces the Creation of National Space Agency
GERMANY: Merkel Wins Election, Populist Party Surges
KAZAKHSTAN: Will Expand Energy Sector Cooperation with India
MALI: UN Peacekeepers Killed
TURKEY: Threatens Cutting Off Iraqi-Kurds’ Oil

BRAZIL: Additional Troops Deployed to Rio de Janeiro
CAMEROON: Anglophones Call for Independence
CHINA: Expands Sanctions on North Korea
FRANCE: Macron Strives to Lead the EU
ISRAEL: Palestinian Authority to Meet with Hamas in Gaza
PHILIPPINES: President’s Son Accused of Drug Smuggling
UKRAINE: Enacts Controversial Education Bill

Issue 287-Published 22 September 2017

IRAQ: Kurdish Independence Referendum Faces Major Hurdles

ETHIOPIA: Ethnic Conflict Sparks Military Deployment
ICELAND: Coalition Government Collapses
PALESTINE: Peace Efforts Begin Ahead of POTUS Meeting
RUSSIA: Military Helicopter Fires on Spectators
VENEZUELA: Receives Wheat from Russia

BRAZIL: Forgives Tanzanian Debt
INDIA: Water Dispute with China
JAPAN: Snap Election Appears Likely
PAKISTAN: Army Plan Could Radicalize Politics
SPAIN: Acts to Block Catalonian Independence Referendum
UKRAINE: Saakashvili’s Return Fosters Instability
ZIMBABWE: New Voting Process Begins

Issue 286-Published 15 September 2017

GREAT BRITAIN: Lawmakers Approve Key Brexit Bill
GERMANY: Merkel Supports North Korean Nuclear Talks
IRAN: Iran to Honor Nuclear Deal Even Without US
SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab Attacks Somali Military Base
SYRIA: Agrees to Iran Rebuilding Power Grid
TUNISIA: Moroccan Prince Expelled From Country
UKRAINE: Exiled Leader Returns to Ukraine

ARGENTINA: Israeli PM Makes Historic Visit to Latin America
BURUNDI: Opposition Official Abducted
IRAQ: Government Recaptures 90 Percent of Land from Daesh
MYANMAR: Ceasefire to Allow for Humanitarian Aid
RUSSIA: Confirms Weapons Deal with Turkey

Issue 285-Published 8 September 2017

BURUNDI: Leadership Accused of Crimes Against Humanity
GREAT BRITAIN: Planning to Reduce Migrant Workforce
IRAQ: Islamic State Attacks Power Plant
RUSSIA: Chechens Rally Around Embattled Rohingya

CHINA: Implements Highly Secure Quantum Communication
COLOMBIA: FARC Continues Transition to Politics
IRAN: Still Compliant with Nuclear Deal
ITALY: Mafia Boss Fugitive Arrested in Uruguay
KENYA: Date Set for Presidential Election Re-Run
RUSSIA: Military Exercises in Belarus
SYRIA: Government Forces Break Siege of Deir Az Zor