Issue 286-Published 15 September 2017

GREAT BRITAIN: Lawmakers Approve Key Brexit Bill
GERMANY: Merkel Supports North Korean Nuclear Talks
IRAN: Iran to Honor Nuclear Deal Even Without US
SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab Attacks Somali Military Base
SYRIA: Agrees to Iran Rebuilding Power Grid
TUNISIA: Moroccan Prince Expelled From Country
UKRAINE: Exiled Leader Returns to Ukraine

ARGENTINA: Israeli PM Makes Historic Visit to Latin America
BURUNDI: Opposition Official Abducted
IRAQ: Government Recaptures 90 Percent of Land from Daesh
MYANMAR: Ceasefire to Allow for Humanitarian Aid
RUSSIA: Confirms Weapons Deal with Turkey

Issue 285-Published 8 September 2017

BURUNDI: Leadership Accused of Crimes Against Humanity
GREAT BRITAIN: Planning to Reduce Migrant Workforce
IRAQ: Islamic State Attacks Power Plant
RUSSIA: Chechens Rally Around Embattled Rohingya

CHINA: Implements Highly Secure Quantum Communication
COLOMBIA: FARC Continues Transition to Politics
IRAN: Still Compliant with Nuclear Deal
ITALY: Mafia Boss Fugitive Arrested in Uruguay
KENYA: Date Set for Presidential Election Re-Run
RUSSIA: Military Exercises in Belarus
SYRIA: Government Forces Break Siege of Deir Az Zor