EE 311-Published 14 September 2018


 BRAZIL: Bolsonaro’s Campaign Likely to Gain Popularity After Assassination Attempt

 CHINA-PAKISTAN: Agree to Economic Corridor, Bringing OBOR Closer to Fulfillment

 IRAQ: Deadly Protests Continue Amid Unclear Government Transition

 RUSSIA-CHINA: Join on Military Exercise, Increasing Bilateral Cooperation

 SWEDEN: Far-Right Sweden Democrats Make Large Gains in National Elections

EE Special Issue: Latin America-Published 07 September 2018


ARGENTINA: Corruption, Immigration, and Economics Vie for President’s Attention
BRAZIL: Leading Presidential Candidate Favors Military Rule
Chile: Center-Right President Promotes Economic and Political Growth
COLOMBIA: New President and a Changing Tide
CUBA: Lawmakers Update Soviet-era Constitution
MEXICO: President-elect Plans to Attack Corruption within Politics and Society
VENEZUELA: Drone Assassination Attempt on President