EE 328-Published 8 March 2019

ISRAEL: Vulnerability to Iranian Ballistic Missiles Likely to Spark Aggressive Posture
EUROPEAN UNION: Russian Hacking Group Influencing Elections to Create Instability
IRAN: Admiral Threatens to Close the Strait of Hormuz, Endangering World Oil Trade
ISRAEL: Military Advancements Likely to Prepare for Possible Conflict with Russia
ISRAEL: Indictment of Prime Minister Will Likely Disrupt April Election
MARSHALL ISLANDS: Alliance Aims to Dissuade Chinese Interference
NIGERIA: Pro-Biafran Announcement Unlikely to Prompt Change
VENEZUELA: Kremlin Continues Support in Exchange for PDVSA Leverage

EE 327-Published 1 March 2019

EASTERN EUROPE: Rising Authoritarianism Likely to Continue
CHINA-SAUDI ARABIA: Economic Agreement Likely to Strengthen Bilateral Ties
ETHIOPIA: Government Announces Rebel Disarmament
MOLDOVA: Contested Parliament Election Results Show No Clear Majority
SOUTH KOREA: Seoul Increases Protection Payments in Short Term
VENEZUELA: Maduro Breaks Ties with Colombia, Limits Options for Both Sides

EE 326-Published 22 February 2019

OPEC: Future in Doubt After Tense Member-state Relations and Declining Oil Value
CHINA: Investment Deal to Expand Influence in Cambodia and Southeast Asia
NIGERIA: Electoral Delay May Lead to Violence
PAKISTAN-CHINA: Finalization of CPEC Projects
POLAND-ISRAEL: Spate Unlikely to End Alliance
RUSSIA: Kremlin Seeks Revival of Influence in Cuba
RUSSIA: Talks with Israel Focus on Containing the Iranian Threat in Syria

EE 325-Published 15 February 2019

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Nations Seek Solution to Restore Peace to South China Sea
CAMEROON: Unclaimed Hospital Attack May Prompt Further Unrest
HUNGARY: Economic Relief Policy Proposed to Promote Higher Birth Rates
RUSSIA: Government Reveals Intentions to Build Independent Internet Network
SIERRA LEONE: President Declares National Emergency to Curb Sexual Violence
SOMALIA: Al-Shabaab Attacks May Signal Danger for Foreigners
VENEZUELA: Maduro’s Control of State Functions Presents Challenges for Opposition

EE 324-Published 8 February 2019

AL-QAEDA: Evolution and Future Implications to Global Security
EL SALVADOR: President-elect Bukele Might Represent an End to Postwar Politics
EUROPEAN UNION: Enters Major New Trade Deal with Japan
IRAN: Fake Facebook Accounts Reveal Years-long Propaganda Effort
PAKISTAN: Islamabad Bolsters Naval Forces through a Chinese Arms Agreement

EE 323-Published 1 February 2019

GREAT BRITAIN: 11th Hour Deal Likely as Brexit Deadline Approaches
Deterrence Strategy; Promotes Instability.
IRAN: Recent War Games Showcase Tehran's New Offensive Military Capabilities 
PHILIPPINES: Bombings in Jolo Island Cathedral Kill Twenty
THAILAND: Voter Registration Open for First Election in Seven Years

EE 322-Published 25 January 2019

SOUTH ASIA: Indian Conventional Dominance Reaffirms Islamabad’s Nuclear
Deterrence Strategy; Promotes Instability.
BRITAIN: May’s Brexit Deal Voted Down by Parliament
SUDAN: Al-Bashir Accused of Utilizing a ‘Shadow Army’ to Target Protesters
WESTERN SAHARA: EU and US Stances Could Deter Polisario

EE 321-Published 30 November 2018

BRITAIN: Brexit Deal Approval Marks Beginning of Final Domestic Debate

EGYPT: Human Rights Watchdog Developed to Improve Government’s Image  
MEXICO: Humanitarian Crisis in Tijuana Causes City to Seek International Aid
TAIWAN: Pro-China Party’s Success in Elections Suggests New China-Friendly Rhetoric
UKRAINE: Parliament Declares Martial Law After Sea Clash with Russia

EE 320-Published 16 November 2018


AFGHANISTAN: Taliban-led Attacks Demonstrate a Growing Threat
AUSTRALIA-CHINA: Vying for Influence in the Pacific
EL SALVADOR: Woman’s Abortion Accusation Unlikely to Provoke Political Reform
ETHIOPIA: Arrests of Military Officials Indicate a Push Towards True Democracy    
ISRAEL: Airstrikes and Covert Missions Prompt Swift Response From Hamas
POLAND: Leaders March with Far-Right Groups During Parade in Show of Nationalism
TAIWAN: Plans to Make English Second Language May Diminish Chinese Influence

EE 319-Published 9 November 2018


BRAZIL: First Foreign Policy Reformation May Spark Unrest in Middle East
CAMEROON: Suspected Separatist Abductions May Prompt Government Support
GERMANY: Woman’s Rape Sparks Immigration Debate
IRAQ: International Attention to Mass Graves of IS Victims to Incite Investigation
JAPAN: Seeks a Strong Bilateral Relationship with India Amid China’s Regional Presence
JAPAN: Okinawa Governor Will Visit US to Gain Public Support on US Base Dispute
RUSSIA: Teenager Bombs FSB Office in Arkhangelsk
TUNISIA: New Security Bill may Instigate Increased Terrorist Activity

EE 318-Published 2 November 2018


AFRICA: As Chinese Involvement Continues, Some Express Concern 
BRAZIL: Foreign Policy Reformation Likely Bolsonaro’s First Big Move
GERMANY: Merkel Will Not Seek Re-election, Hinting at Change for German Politics
SAUDI ARABIA: External Financing of Pakistan Could Provide Leverage Against Iran
SRI LANKA: Political Crisis Leaves Opening for Unrest and Chinese Influence
TUNISIA: Bombing May Result in Heightened Security Measures to Protect Economy

EE 317-Published 26 October 2018


BRITAIN: May Promises 95% of Brexit Deal Completed
CRIMEA: Student in Kerch Kills 19 in Shooting and Bomb Attack
CYBERSECURITY: Millions of US Voter Records for Sale Online
ISRAEL: Appeal Ruling May Spark Debate on Tel Aviv’s Commitment to Peace
JORDAN: King Abdullah II Calls For Israel to Return Farming Territories
MEXICO: Migrant Issue Could Spark Disagreement in Negotiations with US 
PAKISTAN: Prime Minister Vows to Hold Peace Talks With India
SAUDI ARABIA: Admits to Missing Journalist’s Murder in Consulate in Istanbul
TAIWAN: Protestors Demand Government to Allow Vote for Secession
UKRAINE: Violence Erupts After Split from Russian Orthodox Church 

EE 316-Published 19 October 2018


CANADA: Political Success of Marijuana Legalization May Provoke Local Issues 
GERMANY: Preliminary Results from Bavarian Election Likely a Sign of Political Shift
JAPAN: China Urges Reluctant Japan to Join OBOR 
MEXICO: Trade Officials May Seek New Alliances, Countering New NAFTA Deal
RUSSIA: Russian Orthodox Church Severs Ties with Constantinople Over Ukraine

EE 315-Published 12 October 2018


BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA: Serb Nationalist Victorious in Bosnian Election
BRAZIL: Bolsonaro’s Likely Victory Could Foreshadow A Less-Democratic Presidency
BULGARIA: Murder May Increase Scrutiny of EU Fund Use and Journalist Treatment
CAMEROON: Election Results Likely to Escalate Civil Conflict
CHINA: Injects $175 Billion into Economy in Response to Trade Frictions 
JAPAN: South East Asian Countries Reaffirm Security and Development Goals
RUSSIA: Defense Deal Likely to Advance Future Cooperation with India
TECH: Microsoft Windows Update Deletes User Files

EE 314-Published 5 October 2018


BRITAIN: Former British Foreign Minister Rebukes Proposed Brexit Trade Plan
CHINA: New Anti-Terror Force to Protect National Interests at Home and Abroad
FRANCE: Iranian Bomb Plot in Paris May Halt Economic Aid
GUATEMALA: Court Ruling Unlikely to Provide Justice to Genocide Victims
SAUDI ARABIA: Kingdom Pursues Investment to Diversify Oil-Reliant Economy
SOUTH SUDAN: Peace Agreement Remains Fragile After Violence Continues
YEMEN: UN Extends Investigation into War Crimes

EE 313-Published 28 September 2018


BRITAIN: Releases Papers to Prepare Citizens for a No-Deal Brexit
DR CONGO: Violence Likely to Disrupt Ebola Containment
INDIA: Violence in Kashmir Continues to Hinder Peace Negotiations
IRAN: Government Threatens Response to Terrorist Attack on Military Parade
JAPAN: PM Shinzo Abe Reelected for Historic Third Term Despite Mixed Public Support
MALDIVES: Opposition Party Wins Presidential Election, Giving Way to New Relations
RUSSIA: Upgrades Air-Defenses in Syria, Inciting Wariness in Israel
RUSSIA: Voters Reject Pro-Kremlin Candidates in Regional Races
VENEZUELA: Chinese Financial and Medical Aid May Indicate an Economic Revolution

EE 312-Published 21 September 2018


THAILAND: Key US Regional Partnership at Risk


JAPAN: Provocative Naval Drill Likely Trailblazing for Other Asian Nations 
MACEDONIA: Referendum on European Integration Faces Alleged Russian Influence Campaign 
NICARAGUA: President Unlikely to Act on Public Unrest as Months of Protests Continue
SYRIA: Russia and Turkey Institute Demilitarization Zone in Rebel Stronghold
UKRAINE: Russian Forces Continue Attacks on Donbas Despite Inner Turmoil

EE 311-Published 14 September 2018


BRAZIL: Bolsonaro’s Campaign Likely to Gain Popularity After Assassination Attempt
CHINA-PAKISTAN: Agree to Economic Corridor, Bringing OBOR Closer to Fulfillment
IRAQ: Deadly Protests Continue Amid Unclear Government Transition
RUSSIA-CHINA: Join on Military Exercise, Increasing Bilateral Cooperation
SWEDEN: Far-Right Sweden Democrats Make Large Gains in National Elections

EE Special Issue: Latin America-Published 07 September 2018


ARGENTINA: Corruption, Immigration, and Economics Vie for President’s Attention
BRAZIL: Leading Presidential Candidate Favors Military Rule
Chile: Center-Right President Promotes Economic and Political Growth
COLOMBIA: New President and a Changing Tide
CUBA: Lawmakers Update Soviet-era Constitution
MEXICO: President-elect Plans to Attack Corruption within Politics and Society
VENEZUELA: Drone Assassination Attempt on President